The Twenty-third Anima archetype is Aim. She is a Great and most Strong Duchess of the seventh dimensional Hippie sphere.

She appeareth in the form of a very beautiful woman in body, who has a Rattlesnake wrapped around her salacious form.

She has the two binary stars of blue-star Kachina upon a sombrero she to wear, wearing Calf skin chaps.


She rides a Dodge Viper, carrying a Firebrand in her Hand, wherewith she sets the Underground Cities, Ozark Forts, and Bohemian Groves of the invaders who oppress her peoples, on fire, for all to see; as well as utterly torching those who seek to harm her conjurer with their malign maledictions.

She makes her conjurer witty in all manner of Heyoka ways, and giveth true remote-viewing answers unto private matters. She governeth 26 Legions of protesting native Spirits.


The 72 New-World-Order Shem ha-Mephorash Fusion Centres consider that this Fallen Anima archetype of the (AIM) American Indian Movement is a very dangerous angry ghost, who is said to be a Day spirit, ruling over Scorpio, the Element of Water, and the Tarot Suit of Cups.

From all appearances, Aim is a deadly Fallen Anima archetype. The 72 headless Fusion Centres of the Animus Shem ha-Mephoresh greatly fears her potential political influence.

But then, what do you expect, since Aim’s people suffered a holocaust at the insane hands of the monotheistic cultists of the deified Animus, made as their patriarchal God and Devil, who seek to create a new Jerusalem upon her land.

Aim’s mission is that of aiming to bestow the mantle of a firestarter upon those who rebelliously conjure her; for she reveals the New-World-Order Matrix of religious prison bars for what it is.


She likewise reveals those who seek to harm her conjurer, whose malign intentions will lead to them experiencing spontaneous self-combustion of varying forms of expression.

This reversal of their maledictions involves them reactively jumping around, of an initial flatulent phase of ranting anally retentive expletives, behind which they will seek to hide their insanity; while going totally insane. Then to go, spontaneous combustion KABOOM!



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