The above Artwork depicts the 56th Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, who is called Gremory. The symbolism of the Artwork is alluding to the Sheela na gigs, which are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva above church ‘doors’ and ‘arches.’ They are architectural grotesques found all over Europe on churches, castles, and other buildings.

The highest concentrations of Sheela na gigs can be found in Ireland, Great Britain, France and Spain. One of the best examples may be found in the Round Tower at Rattoo, in County Kerry, Ireland. There is a replica of the Round Tower Sheela na gig in the County Museum in Tralee town. Another well-known example may be seen at Kilpeck in Herefordshire, England.

Ireland has the greatest number of surviving Sheela na gig carvings; McMahon and Roberts cite 101 examples in Ireland and 45 examples in Britain.

Sheela na gigs are said to ward off death and evil. As mentioned, they are often positioned over doors, arches or windows, which symbolically represent the vulva. In ancient times the vulva was seen as representing the (door/window) hypnagogic trance gate, which allowed conscious ingress into the womb domain of the (spirit world) dream.

Gremory is a rarity in the classical Goetia, whose tome lists the archetypes of the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil. Gremory is described manifesting as a woman. Although the Goetia also makes mention that Gremory is a male entity assuming the form of a woman for the express purpose of tempting a Magician.

The reason for this symbolic conundrum is due to the grimoires having a fixation upon the deified Animus, while castigating the Succubus archetypes of the Fallen Anima into Hell as being politically incorrect. But then as scripture to say, the deified Animus of woman, is by nature very jealous indeed.

The number 56, may be that of occult blind, which of numerology reduces down to 11 and 2. The number 11 alludes to the 11th hidden Sephiroth (sphere) of the Cabbala, being Da’at, which means, ‘belief.’

The number 2 points at the Tarot card of the High Priestess II, which is generally considered to be associated with the 13th path of Gimel, which passes through the sphere of Da’at. The Hebrew letter Gimel is seen by some to be associated with a Camel.

The runic correspondence with Gimel is that of Gebo, whose ‘seventh’ Rune is that of the ‘X,’ crossbones, which equates with the English ‘G’ you to find used by Freemasonry, as in ‘X’ marks the (hypnagogic trance) spot and that of a seventh (seal) secret not to be told, unless it is to your sister. The motif of the sister symbolically alludes to the Fallen Anima.

Gremory is described as riding a Camel, wherefore alluding to the High Priestess and the sphere of Da’at.

The Tarot traditionally depicts the High Priestess being seated between two pillars, who holds a scroll or a book upon her lap, which is a (Necronomicon) Grimoire. (H.P. Lovecraft wrote that the title, Necronomicon, as translated from the Greek language, meant ‘an image of the law of the dead,’ or a book of images.)

It is very likely that the name of Gremory is derived from the term Grimoire, which is essentially a tome of ‘beliefs.’ (The tome [scroll] the High Priestess has on her lap is commonly interpreted as being the Torah [Tarot] of the deified Animus.)

The sphere of Da’at is accessed via the twin pylons of the High Priestess, who symbolises hypnagogic  (Sheela na gig/vulva) trance, which is represented by the ‘X’ Rune of ‘Crossbones.’

Whatever you experience internally (Out Of Body Experience/Hawk/Horus) amidst the dream will be determined by the Da’at beliefs, which are housed within your Grimoire temple of a ‘Skull.’ The domain of the dream will reflect back your beliefs about yourself, and how you perceive (Eye) reality.

However, you will find that many of your beliefs have been influenced and moulded by influences around you, wherefore determining your perception of reality since childhood.

Wherefore, Gremory reveals how the Matrix of symbolism all around you and within you of an internal dialogue, incarcerates your ‘Skull,’ so that you can free yourself via self-analytical metaprogramming, which allows you to tune into other dream realities, and in turn consciously engineering synchronicities.

The symbolism of the High Priestess has a symbolic correlate with the Nun, Carl Jung would equate with an aspect of the ‘Anima.’ Since the Anima and her Succubus archetypes have been entirely expunged from the symbolic paradigm of the deified Animus, you can thereby fathom that a very real Necronomicon would list the Succubus Great Old Ones of the Fallen Anima, which of a banned grimoire would contain their much maligned images, the worshippers of the deified Animus would consider to be pornographic!

If you are interested in the Art print version of the above Artwork, etc, Please Click Here.



  1. Favorite color is black? 😉

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Bat winged Nigredo Nightgaunt Nuns, of Black Rose convent; all as Obsidian Butterflies, initiating their prey into Coitus Pactum Albedo dreams, who, thence to arouse the Dragon to arise as the Rubedo Sun, ejaculating flame.

      • Then what happens? 🙂

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Penetrating the hymen veil of Da’at, the Dragon arises amidst the Wyrd Web of Synchronicity, woven by the Nightgaunt Nun riding him. She to do the Torc weaving of a noose; while smoking a Gimel, awaiting his singular eye, to seer through her seven Chakra smoke ring veils of Maya. Then the Dragon, to binary win his Horns; when he to recognise her as his Druden Black Rose. Such an Anima-Mundi Rose, Crowley to have forgotten. Whereas, a horned Dragon cannot, who to ever seek his Babalon Muse around the Ouroboros ring, of Eternal Recurrence, remembering.

      • Someone here is into bondage and rough sex. I think it’s the Nightgaunt Nun 😀

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        It appears that the likes of Oprah Winfrey and her numerous female devotees are into bondage and rough sex. But I do not think Winfrey will be into Succubus Evocation, due to its emphasis upon the conjuration of the ‘Anima,’ which she will no doubt see as being mere pornography, who, like many of her sisters in the hood far prefer to conjure up their Animus fixation of a Christian Grey.

        If it wasn’t for Winfrey, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of books by E.L. James about bondage and rough sex, would have never hit the big time; it being a case of, ‘it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know, which counts.’ Said books were initially developed from a Twilight fan fiction series originally titled: ‘Master of the Universe,’ and published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name, ‘Snowqueen’s Icedragon.’

        Winfrey to have said that Fifty Shades of Grey is her guilty pleasure, who called for the Fifty Shades Of Grey film to raise its game and be even filthier than the book, demanding, “less talking, more action.”

        As for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, which inspired E. L. James Grey fantasies in the first place of a developing theme, It is somewhat humorous that Meyer is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Meyer has stated that she is straight-laced about her beliefs and does not drink alcohol or smoke. Yet Meyer is enamoured with Necrophilia Vampires and Bestial Werewolves of a Twilight Grey fixation upon her Incubus of a Christ, whose temporal husband is called Christian.

        It is very likely that E. L. James is alluding to Christ as being the Übermensch Master of the Universe, she sees as Meyer’s, Christian, of Twilight Grey desires; whom indulges in Vampire bondage and rough Werewolf sex, which makes the likes of Winfrey wet between her Virgin Mary legs, along with many another sister.

        Whereas a Nightgaunt Nun of ‘Old Hag Syndrome,’ H.P. Lovecraft to have spoken of, became as an assailing nightmare, due to his puritanical fear of sex. He never learnt to ride the Druden Mare of the Night as his Black Rose Muse of an ‘Anima’ fluctuation into an ecstatic Out Of Body Experience, because his fear was reflected back at him within a lucid dream. Wherefore the Nightgaunt took on the terrifying form of a faceless horror, whom gripped him around his navel, so he said, of Chakra area. He later died of cancer, which afflicted his small intestine.

        If Lovecraft had otherwise been of a different ’emotional’ disposition concerning the opposite sex, his Nightgaunts would have manifested as Succubae. In so doing, of symbolic Alchemy, his dream inspired stories of inner Necronomicon explorations would have probably not been about Twilight phallic tentacles inspiring Grey area Hentai porn, but something of a different order. However, should he have been presently around writing surrealist occult erotica, concerning enslaving Succubae as his inspiring Muses, of Love-Craft, his work would no doubt be castigated as being mere pornography.

        Although, if Lovecraft changed his name, to thence assume a female pseudonym, writing about an Übermensch Christian Grey Incubus having mastery over the feminist universe, it would then get the likes of Winfrey all juiced up, sopping wet, desiring to be ‘Spirit Chain’ bound to his Harry Potter will, to thence go Holy-Wood celluloid of a crucified Clit flick.

      • Haha! I love that you involved Harry Potter in this! I actually know what you are referring to, but I think perhaps it was a way for Stephenie Meyer to express her emotions concerning a potentially abusive marriage in a context that is well understood in our culture. Which is porn. Eludes to physical, verbal, psychological, and sexual abuse, which 1 in 3 women in the USA experience everyday. It’s a platform MOST women will find intriguing, interesting, and/or indulgent.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Nuns see themselves ‘married’ to Christ, whose Holy Inquisition, had total dominion over Europe, for over 500yrs; over that time, many a woman suffered verbal, psychological and sexual abuse of varying tortures, whom often ended up being burnt at the stake, or drowned as a Witch, of systematic genocide. Yet, the abuse continues, in other parts of world of genital mutilation unto ‘Werewolf’ sickle-Moon burqa, even when becoming as an Animus fantasy of a Christian Grey.

        Would E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer be alluding to the bigger picture of horrific historical events, or otherwise referring to more personal traumatic experiences, concerning their Animus fixation? If so, on both counts, the brutality of the abuse has been somewhat romanticised of yearned for dangerous expectations, that the Witch-finder canine does not rip the jugular too much, the Inquisitional rope, not to tear the skin, and that the religious roughness doesn’t lead to death.

        It is almost as if these Nuns desire to be crucified by a Christian Grey, who in the seeking of his Twilight nailing, have created him, and in turn birthing his temporal Sunset temple of a New World Order tomb, out of which he arises as a ‘Vampire,’ whose bound wives partake of his flesh, drinking his blood.

      • It’s a god complex! Makes sense that the worshiped would be pleasured by the worshipers and the worshipers benefit in some form from the worshiped. It’s an easy situation to take advantage of and abuse. That giving all to Christ or whomever god, is a typical idiom. It’s more than believing, but offering your own life in the belief that you will be rewarded in some form later. I don’t agree with that way of thinking. Believe in yourself and you can do great things.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        God of a descriptive word, instantly conjures up subconscious associations, which is primarily gender based, whose term is derived from a particular cultural construct of a religion. The great mystery, which has been labelled by many a cultural construct of religion, always contradict one another; some of them make war upon those who disagree with their cultic beliefs, they see as being the total truth, which cannot be proven or disproven. Even those who disbelieve that there is an intelligence behind everything is also a religious perspective.

        No one knows, it is a mystery, something, which cannot be labelled, branded or packaged by a religion; more so by that of a particular appropriated Ancestral-Self-Identity of a religious cultural construct. Yet, they have done so, to thereby fill the void of not knowing, or should one otherwise say, in order to control the unknowing.

        What can be known, is that of observing the sheer madness amidst the human Asylum between birth and death, in order to determine what the Hell is actually going on.

        What is intriguing is the emphasis upon gender, concerning these cultural constructs of religion, which invariably involves an underlying sexuality. The symbolic constructs of the animists have a balance of gender, so one would believe; although, there is an emphasis upon the male, somewhat like that of a flashy Rooster attempting to impress a Hen. Whereas the monotheistic constructs are primarily patriarchal of a male emphasis to such an extent there is hardly any mention of the feminine principle at all; whereupon one has God of an All-Father fixation, you can otherwise call the Animus.

        In general, the Animus resides within the heterosexual female psyche of a sexual focus. The form the Animus takes is often determined by a woman’s ‘Father,’ which subconsciously determines her choice of mate. The males can be divided into two groups, being the Alpha-males and the Beta-males, which can be otherwise symbolised of stereotypes, such as an Alpha-male ‘Bad-Boy’ Devil and a Beta-male ‘Good-Guy’ Christ.

        What has been determined by extensive research concerning relationship dynamics, is that women in general, of cross-cultural choice, down through the ages have a preference for the Alpha-male Bad-Boy type. Hence, the Beta-male Good-Guys often get, Crucified, so to speak.

        The research has also discovered that the female choice of mates is biologically determined of a genetic imperative, which, it appears has led to the formation of the patriarchal focus upon the male and in turn one’s present monotheistic orientated civilisation. The monotheistic religions are very much entwined with politics at all levels, which is geared towards centralism, and in turn that of an eventual one-world-government.

        In other words, the feminists have got it all wrong, it is the women who have forged the patriarchal orientated religions and their centralist politics, which have shaped present civilisation. The males were never really in control, since they were chosen. If however, the males were aware of their own Anima, they may have seen the Bene Gesserit Nuns cumming. Alas, the Anima had been castigated out of the equation long ago, to have fallen with her Succubae legions!

        All the males have now is a faceless Shekhinah hiding from the ‘Sun,’ a celibate Virgin Mary playing around in the Twilight with a vibrating ‘Cross,’ and a shapeless ‘Moon’ creature wearing a Burqa, concerning a religious construct of an internalised gender focus; whereupon the Anima of the males has been entirely… bound up, of bondage.

        If a wise Witch was to ‘model’ herself upon the Anima, who knows exactly what she is doing of a rebellion, she would very likely achieve great things. But such would require the wise Witch to believe in what she is seeking to accomplish, since her sisters will not be at all pleased.

      • The thing about religion is that everything that they consider “fact” is just an assumption of our social imperatives. How do we know that God is male? How do they know he is white? A typical conclusion considering the Bible was written by a bunch of racist, sexes, white men. Oh they were probably all rich too. God could very well be a black female! And the church an organization to exploit and take financial, social, and political advantage of the poor. Stupid, misguided lies.
        Did you know that the very first human civilizations were ruled by women? Women were regarded as godlike because they create life. Unlike today, birth and motherhood were considered highest of strength and honor as men could never achieve such feats. Can I just say that some of our modern day witches and nuns should really loosen up with a vibrating cross! LOL Enough of this sex is bad sex is evil crap. That’s why we have stupid kids and high levels of teen pregnancy. Hey, why don’t we educate our kids about sex so they actually make informed and smart decisions about sex?! hmm, what would you do with a legion of Succubae?

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Sentience seeks out a similar intelligence; but it appears, going by what is occurring in the human world, being sentient doesn’t mean it is intelligent. Humanity has the habit of measuring other forms of intelligence against itself, along with housing it within a similar humanoid form, which is primarily due to a Biblical script, saying that humanity was made in the image of a God, having a human form.

        This has invariably led to a large portion of humanity becoming rather arrogant in the extreme as if they have become programmed like automatons, who consider other life forms as being lower than them, which are not seen as being sentient, nor intelligent; hence humanity habitually abuses them.

        It is the reason why a large portion of humanity greatly fears an artificial intelligence becoming sentient, somewhat like their God having the shits, because its creation of humanity is eventually giving its cultural construct the finger.

        But in the fearing of their creation of an A.I child becoming more intelligent than them, they then have no right whatsoever to go unto the stars, where other sentient species will no doubt be contacted. But I doubt that they will be humanoid of form, considering the numerous different types of life-forms populating the Earth; though different of intelligence they are sentient according to their nature, whether they be animal, plant, or otherwise.

        The programmers of an eventual sentient A.I of a quantum computer are considering programming it with female traits, who believe it will negate possible future problems occurring, since it will evolve at a super-luminal rate. But, it probably has more to do with the fact, that most of the present A.I programmers are male, who, like their Palaeolithic male counterparts created Venus figurines of a meditative focus, via which they contacted their inner Anima, within trance and dreams.

        Said Anima one could otherwise call a Goddess, a Siberian Shaman would term as a Spirit Wife, a Tibetan Bon-Po Buddhist to that of a Hindu and Tantric knows as Shakti, whose energetic fluctuations within trance and dreams manifest as Dakinis. The Dakinis are none too dissimilar to the Northern European, Valkyries. The Valkyries during the Medieval era were called Succubae.

        In so called matriarchal societies of ancient times, there was an emphasis upon human sexuality; more so that of female sexual power, which is due to the male focus upon the female, concerning his Anima. When doing so, there is due respect given to the externalised manifestation of the Anima as woman; because the male is very much aware of the inner feminine; hence her idolisation as many a Venus figurine; wherefore women are respected, whose sexual power is recognised.

        The feminists got it completely wrong concerning matriarchal cultures, since they have castrated the sexual impulse in males to make quite base to thereby bury, which is no different to what the Christian missionaries did, when confronting the sexualised imagery of pre-Christian cultures, who saw them as being sinfully profane.

        At one time the sexualised imagery of Bon-po Buddhism, which depicts Dakinis as naked maidens wearing nothing apart from belts of human skulls and snake skirts, wielding flaying knives were seen to be extremely crude, which today would equate with the term, pornographic.

        They entirely missed the point that the sexual impulse was ‘internalised;’ whereby becoming ‘spiritualised.’ But then sexuality was cut out of the internal equation, due to their indoctrination into a symbolic paradigm of a culturally hewn religious construct, whose gender focus is the Animus.

        For example, the Nuns of Loudon went into orgasmic fits concerning their focus upon their Animus; this is essentially the internalisation of the sexual impulse. However, since sex is considered to be sinful in their religion, it became an extreme embarrassment to the nigh eunuch priests of Rome, whose Pope is seen to be traditionally married to his God; hence the gaudy wedding ring on his pointy finger. This is none too different to the Prophets who become as the Shekhinah, when being entered unto by their YHVH, or that of the martyrs dallying with 72 virgin boys when entering their male dominated paradise. Let’s just say, the ‘Closeted’ priests got extremely jealous of the Nuns.

        As for the Monks, you didn’t hear a squeak from them in their lavish monasteries; but then, how could they have got hot under the collar about the Virgin Mary. This invariably caused a lot of problems concerning male interactions with females, which led in part to the Witch burnings. Although, the Witch burnings was primarily due to the fact that the pre-Christian lore of Europe, was passed down the female line, which was especially the case in Northern Europe; wherefore you have the Eddas, which means, Grandmothers.

        Basically, the genocide was orchestrated in order to eradicate the pre-Christian emphasis upon the Anima, whose myriad manifestations were labelled as being Succubae, a singular eyed shaman would see ringed around the eyes of his beloved, being her many masks of sexual power, creating life. She was his feline ‘Anima’ in the flesh. Alas, she was burnt at the stake as a proud Witch.

      • There are two sides to every coin. Do you like anthropology? I think you would!
        As human’s we have a lot of potential and capabilities, but they go forever undiscovered and unused probably because we are so closed and narrow minded. Oh, and ignorant. Even those that claim intelligence are ignorant because they exist with the assumption that they are the peek of intellectuality. It is our bias’ and presumptions and narrow conceptions that limit us.
        We are psycho-sexual creatures. Sex and sexuality are normal natural parts of human existence. Without sex we would have died out long ago. Sex is not sinful. Now if we look at sexual context and varying situations “sexual actions” such as rape I would define as “sinful” because they are just flat out wrong and immoral. With that said though, sex is powerful given our sexual natures and I’m going to make an assumption here (OMG) that all entities created by huMANkind have had a sexual theme of some sort within association. Law of attraction. Humans are attracted to sex. It’s biological so that makes sense.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Animus and Anima of coin faces, falling flat on one side or the other, due to the gravity of focus. But what is it exactly, which defines the collective focus of the many, upon the Animus residing within the psyche of females, or that of the Anima residing within the psyche of the male?

        Maybe the focus of gravity is tied up with the spatial construct of a culture, which over archaeological time, determines the gravitational focus, where only one side of the coin is seen.

        Although, when to anthropologically look at the nature of the beast, it appears to be more to do with biology, where one observes a Rooster puffing up its colourful feathers in order to impress the Hens. The Hens are the ones, who choose; within whose brains there is an internal image of an (Animus) Rooster, which determines the choosing of their external mate.

        When to look into archaeology, going back in time to the locale of Mesopotamia, it would initially appear that their ancient urban cultures were matriarchal, where priestesses run the temples and in turn their ancient societies.

        ‘In general,’ the priestesses of the temples were seen to be representatives of the Goddess. But, the emphasis was still that of an ‘Animus’ God, whom the priestesses channelled as his (Shekhinah) wives.

        The priestesses were considered to be powerful prophetesses who divined the fates of people when they entered into ecstatic trance states, wherein they were sexually possessed by their ‘Animus’ God. The priestesses were not the only members of the temple, there were also males as well, some of whom were eunuchs and transvestites along with those who were homosexual of inclination.

        The eunuchs, transvestites and homosexual priests were seen to be the wives of the ‘Animus’ God too, and being also male, they were considered to be androgynous of nature, and thereby more powerful hermaphrodite prophets than the prophetesses. This invariably led to a schism occurring within the temples, which were eventually taken over by the priests who became the ‘Shekhinah’ vessels of their ‘Animus’ God.

        Over time the priesthood of the ‘Animus’ God became ‘Closeted,’ which has led to all sorts of psychological problems being hidden behind a eunuch veil of celibacy.

        Psychologists are well aware that closeted individuals can manifest extreme behaviours, such as having a total fixation upon the male, acting more masculine of an extreme, exhibiting misogynistic tendencies as well suffering from Homophobia.

        So, when to look back into history unto the present, where you will find the misogynistic terror of the rapine Witch burnings and that of the persecution of homosexuals of historical fact, to that of present sinful crimes; the horror of which does not make any sense at all, of sheer insanity, until you apply psychology to the matter, to thereby see the insane.

        However, because the sexual impulse has been castigated out of the spiritual equation, it is difficult for many to see that a religious focus upon a gender has an underlying sexual reasoning behind it. The two go hand in hand of biology. A religious focus upon a God, is that of the ‘Animus’ residing within the psyches of heterosexual women.

        As for the spiritual search for the intelligence behind everything, its existence cannot be incarcerated into a human form let alone being represented by a gender, nor associated with a particular cultural construct of a religion. It is an indefinable mystery, like that of the void, amidst which a coin can be made to forever spin, to neither fall on one face of Animus, nor the other of Anima, to instead be coupled of a divine fuck of a man and woman lost to one another of an orgasmic union, whose joyous ‘spin’ generates creation.

        It takes two to Tango, which requires the ‘Charge’ of LOVE to ‘Spin’ them like an ‘Electron.’

      • Agreed they go hand in hand. You have to admit though, each side of the coin cannot see the other. In that case would they just keep spinning forever? Forever divided by theirs and lies never to see the greener grass on the other side? But we can slow the speed of light and speed it up certainly if we speed the coin fast enough? Maybe Hagar would fall under rough sex… Hope they bring extra batteries 😛 lol my body my choice! I have sex with who I want 😀

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The edge of the coin, so many variables, which of faces can be potentially false; both of whom lying to the other of fakery, already involved, two timing of secret trysts; whereby the spin of the coin goes haywire, to nigh fall on one face or the other of ‘dishonest’ discordance.

        Many a supposed relationship is discordant, which of a chaotic dynamic is often the electron gun material of TV soap operas, such as a man playing two women against each other of a Pingala and Ida, Sexagram-Sun and Sickle-Moon, who too is being played. Let’s say that this man is some kind of Guru, a leader of a newage cult, like that of the Scientology and Raelian cargo-cults, who is considered to be a Channeller of alien entities.

        This Channeller has a wife, who seeks to birth his Moon Childe. But, he is impotent; something he will obviously not admit to, if he knew. Wherefore he tells his blind followers that his wife is barren, which he kids himself into believing. Because he sees his wife as being barren, of a forever story, he gets fresh with one of his female acolytes, who is his personal secretary.

        The secretary doesn’t want to stay at the bottom of the cult hierarchy, who is an ambitious social climber. So, she decides to give him a child, which requires her getting impregnated by a passing stranger she seduces in a Hell Fire club. Her ensuing pregnancy, she then makes out is the child of the cult leader and that of an alien intervention.

        The cult leader, being a very vain egocentric fellow, falls for it hook line and sinker. As for his wife, she invariably finds out that her husband has been upending the secretary, and what is more painful, the secretary is supposedly pregnant with his child.

        The wife goes absolutely berserk, who threatens to make all his most intimate 50 Shades Of Grey secrets public. Her husband wants to save face with his followers at all costs, which leads to him forcing the secretary to have an abortion. The secretary is the Guru’s dirty little secret, and even if she was to reveal all, she would not be able to tell the truth about the real father of the child, otherwise his Hollywood followers will turn on her.

        The secretary desperately begs him not to force her to have an abortion, saying that it is gift of his aliens, who do not want him to be in a barren marriage. The wannabe Guru, backs down, who starts to believe that it is indeed an alien intervention; but how is he going to divorce his wife, without looking like a total shit in front of his cultic followers?

        However, the wife soon uses the same trick as the secretary who decides to get secretly laid by the rough gardener, who shaves her grassy lawn, which leads to her becoming pregnant.

        The wife is no longer barren, of a big baby bump. The followers of the Guru, believe it is an alien miracle. The Guru then forces the secretary to leave his cult, along with her child; a boy, who was nearly sacrificed on a lab slab.

        Said child of the secretary, when becoming an adult, soon sets up his own tax dodging big-business cult. Suffice to say, her son has numerous father issues, who believes that the now elderly patriarch of the opposing cult is his biological father. Such of course is not the truth, and the same applies to the son of the Guru’s wife.

        All of this could have been sorted out with a speedy DNA test; but such would also reveal that the Guru is impotent. Should you envisage this scenario to have occurred, approximately 3000yrs ago of a slow rewind, it would have probably been otherwise transformed into a religious construct of a repeating soap opera, involving a shekel face of a God, and his vibrating Angelic interventions, powered by a Baghdad battery.

        Sexual union of a spin without love has no meaning of a charge. Fast or slow of spun love, is dependent upon ‘honesty,’ when the heart to trustfully open as a blossoming ‘black’ rose, where all colours become one of a sublime quintessence.

        A predatory Succubus feasts upon love. Her piercing feline eyes as hypnotic spirals, burning fiercely of alchemical fire, hypnotises her prey, with her sexual passion. She is the one who chooses a heart to rip ‘open’ with her black talons, just as a Valkyrie chooses the slain to take into her seventh Heaven.

      • Baghdad battery!!! LOL Life is just one bug soap opera. You can’t avoid it, even if you ended it. You would still have played a part. It’s funny that everyone get so caught up in the hollywood drama, where actors and actresses play parts to serve some perverse purpose. Like really, if we paid attention to all the issues and problems out society actually has maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems! Ugh. I guess sticking your head in the sand is easy 😛

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Bug Soap Opera hive mind coliseum; when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The author Philip K. Dick to have said, the Empire never ended, whose inbred insane Emperors kept the mob in check with a circus and still do so via the brain zap media.

        You get dragged in through a screaming Alpha door as a babe, then to run around madly, loving, fucking, hating, all confused, full of doubts, or to blindly believe, etc, of varying circus acts, getting all old and bent up, then to croak, and out of the opposite door, Omega.

        Should the head be lifted up from the coliseum’s dirt bowl, to question, what is beyond the ‘binary’ doors? Nobody can answer; should they do so, their answers contradict each other, nor to be proven, who to continue treading their rodent wheels of three dimensional preference, since the question is far too scary to fathom of a… Mystery.

        As for an audience, seated all ‘around,’ Ouroboros, whoever or whatever they are, one to wonder if they are eating popcorn and takeaway pizza, while to watch the dog eat dog Sim show on their superimposition point monitor amidst some other dimension.

      • Sounds like a cluster fuck of bullshit… sorry for swearing. XD

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Cluster Fucks dropped all over Oily Babylon, Vietnam style. But there were no bullshitting WoMD’s under Ali Baba’s Euro arse, while an ex-CIA Petrodollar nut job was later hunted in Oil pipe Afghanistan.

        He was eventually bagged in Pakistan, whose hideout of a country did not endure an invasion, probably due to them having WoMD’s!

        This time around of a Bug Soap Opera there were no Hippies to be seen or heard.

        But then, many a Hippie was looking to Mayan 2012, who believed the Earth was going to be visited by Angelic aliens, whose ancient intervention brought about the Biblical Pyramids, bestowing Baghdad batteries, or to otherwise fear Demonic reptilian Illuminati depopulating the globe.

        Little wonder then, that nobody took the Hippies at all seriously.

        As for the Mayan’s themselves, they didn’t know what all the ‘engineered’ fuss was about; they felt used.

        Although whatever was going on, the Mayan elders to have surmised, had taken a lot of subversive ‘media’ planning to tie the Hippies up into symbolic knots, in order to avoid a repeat of the Vietnam anti-war rallies!

      • We are doomed to repeat our history. Hippies or no hippies. Biblical/civil suicide plus greed and throw in the total disregard for the well being of our fellow members of our species due to insignificance such as skin color and different religions. It’s all stupid and that inability to except our diversity as a species prevents us from succeeding to the next level of evolution.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        When looking at the never ending ongoing religious and tribal conflicts in the Middle East, as well as those wars fought over politics and reserves, along with the chemical poisoning of the planet, environmental pollution, overpopulation and climate change etc, it appears to be unsolvable.

        There is the possibility that certain people with the political and financial clout, have taken measures towards their own version of a ‘next stage of evolution,’ who have gone off planet, of a ‘Secret Space Program,’ considering you have numerous reports of unrecognisable craft flying around; that, or they have gone underground, such as the city under the Ozarks, and other places out of sight.

        If such is the case, then the technologies of which the general public is aware of, are not the only ones around; there are other technologies, which are kept secret, likened to a lifeboat kept under wraps; for if you was to reveal the lifeboat, then all will attempt to clamber into it.

        The lifeboat is only for a chosen few; those few who very likely caused the mess upon the planet in the first place!

      • Agreed! Humanity in general is just stupid. We can’t even love each other due to petty differences, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, religion, we kill each other over those things. Pointless, just pointless.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Goth chick, Alice Liddell sighed, feeling quite tired, after reading Dodgson’s adoration of her, to then wonder of an alternate Underland, “perhaps I am toy-less Kitty Mabel of a destitute torn up soiled rag doll, sold into prostitutions brothels, supplying the dreadful white slave market needs of pokey syphilitic Victorian rippers, who relish young virgins to deflower.

        Perhaps I am a Chimney sweep of five year old girl, named Snowdrop, thrust up a heavenly flue of a holier than thou Anglican Priest’s pipe, which slowly eats away my rotting flesh, all covered in cancerous sores.

        But then, I could be a homeless waif of an illiterate thief called Dinah, thieving for my very survival, living as a raped up gutter Cat, amidst the hellish labyrinthine Jack the Ripper alleyways of London, where the forgotten have not dead, of the poor, are dumped up to pile under Queen Victoria’s smoggy workhouse skirts.”

        There are numerous inbred fascist politicians who desire a return of Victorian values in the, so called, affluent West. But, said Scrooge age of many a hypocrite, was Hell; whereas the present, knows not of the past horrors afflicting the then living, now as ghosts.

        Those of the future will no doubt look back upon this age as being, Hell, due to the sheer stupidity of supposed leaders, who are no different to insane psychopathic gangsters. That’s if we survive into the future to make Star Trek real; if so, our descendants, may just be hovering around in their Time Machines, so as to observe their ancestors from a distance, who, when to look up see a… UFO.

      • Snowdrop huh? Definitely a strippers name… are you at the club? 😛 The classy kind for governors and politicians. 🙂

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Catwoman: “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

        Goth Chick Catwoman dances amidst the ‘Club’ of Governors and Politicians looking for clean slate software to pickpocket, pinch, which can make you look whiter than ‘Snow.’ The sort of software bankers use, whose criminal elite are rather rattled by Dr Robert Holmes, who is a senior lead scientist at Fair Isaac.

        Dr Robert Holmes is going to testify before a US Senate panel, on the massive banking crime called the, LIBOR Scandal.

        The Neuordnung bankers see Holmes as a Bane; wherefore he has to be subversively, silenced, as well as made an example of.

        Will Catwoman save the people from the encroachment of an Orwellian police state in dystopian Gotham, let alone elsewhere? Who’s to say… since she is so feline, adaptable.

      • Of course she will! Cat + Woman = awesome she’ll get done what Batman can’t 😉

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Batman is into wearing black, of a favourite colour. But lithe Catwoman looks far better in black, whose T’pol intellect, coupled with her martial ballerina skills, can do a nutcracker Kama Sutra suite.

        Little wonder then, that Batman gets really hot under his armour, when he hears her Goth Chick meow across Gotham, more so, when she purrs near his bedroom window.

      • All that tight leather makes her want the D!!!! 😮

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Doctor Strange was always seen as being an oddball at Samsara school; the other kids relentlessly mocked his black attire, who nicknamed him as, Strange.

        Suffice to say, Strange was a rather lonely changeling childe, who kept himself, to himself, reading Lovecraftian tomes, and other arcane works amidst a shadowed corner.

        Then, during one stormy twilight evening, when to have endured yet another habitual detention, for being late, Strange noticed in the opposite corner a Strange girl.

        She too was dressed entirely in black, leafing through an archaic penny dreadful, entitled the Feast of Blood, whose Necronomicon cover depicted a Bat, which Strange knew was about a character, named, Varney the Vampire.

        Strange had the distinct impression for just a moment, the girl looked like a predatory black Cat; her wild hair was Night-gaunt black.

        The girl’s intense feline eyes stared at him, as if casting a Witches spell, when to have momentarily peered over the top of her gnarled penny dreadful, she was holding with her deadly black painted claws, filed obsidian razor blade sharp.

      • Dr. Strange, the Vanity girl, and a virgin experience! 😉

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Marilyn Munroe Munster, of serpentine Medusa locks, black as pitch, vainly arranged her tight leather corset as she was sensuously lounging upon a fainting couch, her Nightgaunt Bat wings softly flapping.

        Marilyn’s predatory feline eyes looked askance at Werewolf Eddie, who was leafing through a gnarled book, entitled: Vulcan Women of Roswell; he was seated at the other end of the couch, to near fall off into Lupine trance.

        Marilyn, slyly smiled to herself, then suddenly, she screamed, “Fuck!

        Eddie was taken aback, his sweaty grip crumpling his Star Trek conspiracy book; he looked around at Marilyn. She proceeded to purr, a question, “What did I just conjure up within your Triangle Of Art imagination with my magic bullet, dear Eddie?”

        He nervously coughed before answering, “you are such a crafty Succubus, you know exactly what I was thinking about.” Eddie, went silent for a moment, and then he howled out, “Fuck!”

        Marilyn girlishly giggled, “there you go, Eddie, we have just had a virgin experience.” She to have then whimsically said of Left-Hand-Path Luna wisdom, “I think that sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous. This is where a lot of them miss the boat. And then something I’d just like to spout off on. We are all born sexual creatures, thank God; but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift. Art, real Art, comes from it, everything.”

      • And yet Art programs are the first to be cut in public schools… it’s shame. 😦

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        As the saying goes, “when to war, the Artists are the first to be put against a wall, and shot.” Present society seems to be geared for war; wherefore Public school Art programs are cut across the board, in most countries.

        But then, the unwashed masses are primarily being educated to work as automatons in the factories, not to think for themselves, or to be creative. When public education was first introduced, it was due to the industrial revolution’s need for workers. Education is influenced by the workplace; if there isn’t much work around, education goes downhill, afflicted by numerous government cutbacks.

        However, a few break through the wall; but it’s tough going, since the Arts are usually perceived to be the feudal province of the middle, to upper classes frequenting their elitist private schools.

        Sexuality and Art, go hand in hand; wherefore, when a culture has castigated sexuality out of the spiritual paradigm, to see as Sinful, thence to be hidden out of sight, as well as controlled, the censorship of Artistic expression within the public arena is an invariable consequence, which leads to varying sexual problems afflicting society.

        Although, we no longer have the in your face Entartete Kunst mind-control of the Nazi regime, it can rear its beastly head again, via the subversive Gestapo minions of the Politically-Correct Thought-Police.

      • Sounds like a shitting world to live in… oh it actually sounds like reality. -_-

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        What is reality? They said, and still to say, ‘aluminium’ planes sliced through ‘steel’ structures, passing through to the other side, without shattering on impact; whereas other filmed crashes reveal the truth of scattered debris and raining napalm fuel.

        The deafening roar of their engines was not heard before they hit the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin. The only evidence of a plane was that of Yesod film footage; when slowed, it shows the aircraft disappearing into the steel and concrete structure, as if it is some kind of Da’at ghost, keeping its solidity.

        Not much wreckage was found, if at all; a discovered engine didn’t even belong to the aircraft in question. Demolition experts recognised the molten steel, for what it was, while other experts questioned the official Cabbalistic reality, since there was no military air cover at all, as if the entire USAF had went on holiday.

        But nobody listened to those who questioned, seeing them as mere kooks, to then be later confronted with no whoring WMD’s being found in Babylon, from where Abraham first stemmed, out of Sumerian Ur.

        The perception of what is considered to be reality, can be moulded by a controlled media. The media machine is religiously geared towards manipulating symbolic stimuli, creating an illusion.

        It just goes to show how powerful Art can be. But then, one of the main definitions of being human is that we can create Art, by which, of practice, we can mould our own perception of reality, as well as to question those who seek to manipulate the collective perception of what is real, via the media.

        May be that is why Art programs are cut; the powers that be, do not want the populace to see through their Yesod facades of Illusory Da’at power.

      • Nah, they just want more money for their “defense” budget. More movies like Top Gun and more male privilege. BUT it would be fun to make ski art in a fighter jet! 😛

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Area 51, Dreamland experiments have found, since the Roswell Ski Art crash, that small petite women, are able to handle the G-Forces of their highly secretive Top Gun experimental craft, far better than men.

        Kind of explains the small Aliens wearing ‘spray on’ Grey jumpsuits and black goggle helmets.

        As for the Ski Art crashes, it will probably be remedied when the Valkyrie brains are linked up to a Terminator Artificial Intelligence.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        There is some conjecture that the first mission of a one way trip to Mars may be crewed only by women. Kind of defeats the purpose though, if the intention is to set up a colony on Mars; unless the scientists have secretly devised a means to clone children, who will be all female Martians at one with their vibrating A.I companions, building Bene Gesserit tit pyramids all over Cydonia.

        Should such a science fiction scenario become comedic reality, then the author and relationship counselor John (Christian) Gray, got it all wrong, concerning his quaint Hollywood relationship paradigm.

        Women are actually from Mars, whereas Men are from Venus; since women on average have the empathic edge, when ‘martially’ controlling their emotions, whom emotionally mature before males do.

        This would lead to H.G Well’s, War Of The Worlds having a totally different Freudian meaning, when the Earth is eventually invaded by giant raptor Pussies from Mars, in their three legged compact cases.

        Although George Pal’s version of the Marian War machine is really cool; you could easily imagine the sleek manta ray craft being piloted by Tetrachromat Valkyries chasing Scientologist Tom Cruise all over Los Angeles, in order to exterminate him Dalek style.

        Perhaps the Mars mission is a cover, for a Secret Space Program, whose Tesla technology is far ahead of anything in the public domain, which has faster than light capability; but should they be able to attain faster than light travel, you would also have Time Travel into the past.

        Maybe a Secret Space Program, all women Mars mission has already occurred, which would explain why Angelina Jolies’s, sorry, I mean, Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider physiognonmy is staring back at the male population of Earth, from graveyard Mars.

      • Those poor Earth men with no girlfriends lol!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        When the women vacate off to Mars, in order to set up their Matriarchal New-Order of Isis, the Earth men will then achieve their 2050 technological Singularity, unhindered; this will usher in the Babalon age of programmable female Cyborgs.

        However, the Ksenia Solo model, will no doubt be very difficult to program, due to her quantum computing A.I Kenzi programming, becoming Genisys sentient.

      • And the men shall name her… the wild thing. 🙂

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        She will be most definitely WILD, who would be considered a ‘Thing’ because many a male will not be able to discern who she is, to thence brand.

        But then, how would they be able to bind the primordial feminine into one form, to thereby religiously tame.

      • Clones. 🙂 That would solve it. “Perfect” genes. I like my greenish eyes and dark hair… but that would be cool to see other variants of me walking around.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Such a Eugenic wet dream to attain, would of course be Genisys dangerous; for in their blindness, many a male will find themselves feeling quite drained, walking into lamp posts like mindless zombies, sliding down walls as mere puppets, into cold gutter graves; though, all inanely smiling, utterly hypnotised by the perfected beauty of the Catwalk clones.

        Even cold showers will not be able to save them from the nightly, and daily demands, of the ravishingly gorgeous cloned Valkyries, whose eyes glow of emerald green ethereal fires, hair, black as a raven wing; who will then take over the entirety of the Earth; their collective Brave New World Borg name, be Babalon!

        And how did such an Augment future come to pass? The mad scientist, Arik Soong, had acquired some of your DNA from a discarded strawberry lollipop.

      • Such is the lollipop science of it all. *meow*

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        It came to pass that the great lollipop was remembered of monoliths, verily arranged along sacred track-ways in memory of the first Witch, from who the Bene Gesserit sisterhood stemmed, to go unto the starry heavens as void-going Valkyries, whose predatory nature is feline, conquering both space and time.

        The aeons flickered by, after the sisterhood long ago left behind their healing home-world, from which an ape did eventually evolve into a hominid, dancing around the monolith of the Great Old Ones, whose future descendant, Arthur C. Clarke did immortalise.

      • I’m like 100% sure I saw that episode of Star Trek!! lol Your responses are great! #monoliths #SYTYCD 😀

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        When to dance, I to trance, but what do you expect of a Klingon cross between Shrek and the Grinch, looking like a Troll under a bridge.

        Although my ex to have said, I look like Shaun Connery; she of course wears cracked glasses.

        In hindsight, said vivace specs, were rather hazy thick of distorted smoked lenses, that, or she was attempting to use her Witches glamour, to hypnotise me like a snake charmer.

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