Is it possible to conjure Succubae into your dreams to make them lucid of awareness; whererin you can then experience a fully immersive experience of a sixth (Sexagram) sense, involving all of your five (Pentagram) senses? Yes, it is indeed possible. However, it will require some practice on your part. As they say, practice makes perfect.

The practice of conjuring Succubae into your dreams, to make lucid of awareness, is not an escape route into hedonic fantasy. It does have a very serious side to its artistic Sorcery practice.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

You will find in Tibetan Bon-Po Shamanism, whose ancient techniques heavily influenced Tibetan Buddhism, the Succubae are otherwise called Dakinis, the psychologist Carl Jung would see as being aspects of the Anima.

These Dakinis can also be consciously constructed as dream (thought-form) characters a Tibetan practitioner would term as a Tulpa.


The conjuration of Dakinis is none too different to those techniques used in Western Ritual Magic, when evoking spirits out of a grimoire. The only difference is the sexual emphasis.

Western Occult practices tend to negate the sexual impulse in preference to conjuring up an all male pantheon of entities, in order to reinforce its Animus fixated religious dogma.

Whereas Tibetan Buddhist practices internalise the sexual impulse, in order to empower the creative activity of lucid dreaming.

This is achieved by meditating upon the erotic form of a Dakini, which enables the internalisation of the sexual impulse, to thereby enable the eventual initiation of a lucid dream encounter with a specifically chosen Dakini aspect of the Anima, a Hindu or Tantric Buddhist would terms as being Shakti.

A Dakini is likened to a Genie, who has particular powers and abilities to bestow upon the practitioner, via sexual congress with her, from within the dream.


At some point soon, in the not too distant future a technology will be devised via which your dreams will be able to be recorded.

This has already been accomplished in the laboratory to a certain extent to be taken much further, which will eventually lead to innovations in fully immersive, computer generated virtual realities.


But why wait, your dreams can become fully immersive, when you learn how to lucid dream.



  1. Reblogged this on ultimatetruths and commented:
    These are goetian new version unveling 72 Djinn who are appearing in female version because the age of aquarius 2012 and beyond has come the time of matriarchy and female vibrational energy of the age that has come!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      My star sign is that of Aquarius, and being a rebellious Aquarian, I am well aware that the 2012 mystique had been misappropriated from the Mayan’s, by the intelligence agencies, who had subversively shafted the Newage scene in order to negate any repeat of the Hippie era anti-war protests.

      The negation of any mass anti-war protests was successfully achieved, since most of the Newagers were far more interested looking for planet-X aliens, rather than seeing that the Illuminati triad of Abrahamic cults were warring around Abraham’s petrodollar eye, set amidst an oily Ur ziggurat situated in Iraq!

      As for the ‘Matriarchy,’ it is quaint a Newage misnomer, which tends to be espoused by many a feminist. The reversal of the ‘Animus’ fixated symbolism has far more to do with an understanding of the ‘Anima.’

      The overriding gender focus upon the male, which is usually construed as being ‘Patriarchal,’ is a Monotheist case of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God and Devil, Angels and Demons.

      As you probably know, the ‘Animus’ is a male archetype, which resides within the psyche of every female; whereas the feminine archetype of the ‘Anima’ resides within the psyche of every male.

      In general, the ‘Animus,’ within the female psyche determines the types of males she is attracted to, should she be heterosexual.

      The ‘Anima’ likewise determines the types of females that a male is attracted to, if he is heterosexual.

      As for a homosexual orientation the ‘Animus’ and the ‘Anima’ swaps roles, or to otherwise merge, androgynous for a bisexual.

      The all male orientated tomes of magic can be seen as being none too different to Playgirl Grimoires, due to their ‘Animus’ fixation.

      However, there is no historical example of any tome of magic, which has an emphasis upon an all female pantheon of Succubae.

      Such a book is essentially a ‘Playboy’ Grimoire of the ‘Anima,’ which did not exist, until I created one.

      Make Love, Not War!


    This is an answer to Letty K:

    When you have a gender focused religion of an appropriated cultural construct, whose symbolic paradigm is fixated upon the male, such as the Hebrew, Yashaya, that many a woman presently projects at Russell Brand, it is due to the ongoing deification of the ‘Animus.’

    The ‘Animus’ resides within the psyches of all females who also have a Bad-Boy thing for Lucifer/Devil/Satan, to otherwise name as ‘Christian’ Grey.

    It is invariably the Bad-Boy Beast who gets all the Incubus fun; whereas a Good-Guy Joseph is often crucified by looking after the Incubus child of a Mary quite contrary. It happens all the time!

    So, if you are looking for the ‘Animus’ army of Yashaya, look to all your sisters-in-the-hood; it is they who have created your patriarchal focus upon Crusading Chippendale Holy Angels dancing around a female prime-minister/president of a Queen Bee.

    The Queen Bee to sit astride Abraham’s eye, over-watching all from amidst the Ziggurat of Ur, at the triangle centre of three Abrahamic ‘Animus’ cults, which be of the illuminati trinity.


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    My Wisdom dream path conjuring of Art has been ongoing for a very, very long time, since a Horned Changeling Childe.

    As for Merkaba directing, films, such can potentially be created as short Art flicks on the ‘Un Chien Andalou’ cheap, if you have a decent digital eye camera, etc, to populate the Youtube Wyrd web.

    But the Sorcery endeavour will of course require having the neccessary Sister-In-The-Hood Succubus acting talent circling the director and that of an infernal creative team.

    The subject matter is usually interpreted in a Horror-Wood hedonic way, which is the symbolic commonality the Muggle audience have been media trained to expect.

    However, as you can no doubt deduce, as a Faustian Steppenwolf I do not pander to the trained tastes of the Muggle audience.

    The closest I have got, concerning film, is a few semi-animated experiments using an archaic version of Jasc animation software. One often has to work with what one has at Pentagram hand.


    This is an answer for Iann:

    In general, the intensity of a dream interaction with a Succubus aspect of your ‘Anima,’ may initiate a physical reaction, which leads to you waking up, needing to change your shorts.

    However, this is primarily due to the pent up frustration of your physical body not being able to yet differentiate between the informational reality of the dream and waking reality.

    The observation of the experience indicates a techinique, which had been prior observed by shamans, who refined its methodology.

    The technique involved denying the body from experiencing sexual activity at a physical level, yet at the same time, arousing it, by visualising erotic scenarios.

    The constructed erotic scenarios, which are visualised of active imagination is a means to generate an intense emotive charge, which is internalised.

    Meditation tools, such as icons or images are used in order to direct the emotive charge. The utilised icons/images are aligned with a specific desire.

    For example. a Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist would meditate upon an icon/image of a (Succubus) Dakini.

    The (Succubus) Dakini would be associated with a specific desire the practitioner seeks to access of information.

    The information being that of assuming the Avatar of a particular raging Buddha within the dream.

    Tibetan Buddhist iconography depicts the ((Succubus) Dakinis as being naked, who are often shown in sexual congress with various raging Buddha’s.

    The power of the dream is represented by the (Succubus) Dakini, who enables the dreamer to assume the guise of a raging Buddha.

    The Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist technique was derived from a shamanic understanding.

    Shamans would use the technique to in order to heal themselves, attaining (Siddhi) abilities as well as expanding their consciousness, etc.

    A Surrealist Artist can likwise do so when conjuring (Succubus) Art Muses, whose gifted dreams inspire his work.

    Should he be a comic Artist, he can associate a particular raging Buddha with Batman, which of a meditation image depicts Batman in sexual congress with a Batgirl Dakini who symbolises a corresponding (Siddhi) ability, the Artist seeks to attain, when assuming the guise of Batman within a lucid dream.

    But it be best that the assumed Avatar/guise within a dream correalates with reality, which will then lead to the observation of concordant synchronicities.

    Basically, the bodily frustration, would faciliate the internalisation of the emotive charge, which empowers the dream into lucidity.

    The vividness of the dream states will depend upon the intensity of your ’emotions,’ which are directed by the intent of your ‘thoughts.’

    Most of the dream material is initially derived from ‘memories,’ which at a deeper level draws upon the collective unconscious.

    Dreams are also tied up with with your circadian rhythms; wherefore there are certain key-‘time’s’ when it will be easier to make a conjured ‘appointment.’

    When looking to the grimoires, said tomes speak of what Luna phases are best to conjure an ‘appointment’ with a conjured archetype.

    At base level, those who engage in conjurations for just hedonic ‘sex session’ reasons, will find themselves experiencing far more than they had ever expected.

    Some may go madly running off to the local priest seeking an exorcism or otherwise screaming at a priestly psychiatrist that they are haunted.

    Although, there will be a few who will ‘Experientially’ fathom that there is far more to reality than they had been ‘Programmed’ to believe by the establishment.


    This is an answer for Iann:

    Although I utilise the term Succubus, I do not use it in its Medieval context; hence I spell Succubi as Succubae.

    It would be more apt to use the term ‘Anima,’ although a Succubus is more of an aspect of the ‘Anima’ residing within the male psyche; just as an Incubus is an aspect of the (patriarchal) ‘Animus’ residing within the female psyche.

    The Medieval perception of a Succubus was moulded by a sexually repressive religious cultural-construct, which has deified the ‘Animus’ as a God/Devil; whereas the ‘Anima’ has been entirely castigated out of the symbolic equation.

    The present politically-correct gender politics is just a continuation of what the religious cultural construct of an ‘Animus’ fixation has set up of a systematic mass-indoctrination down the ages; wherefore the ‘Anima’ is presently under attack.

    In other words, in order to control the mass populace, a religious cultural-construct uses politics in order to subversively influence the females, which then leads to the establishment having control over the men; for it is always the women who chose the men, not the other way around; it is biology!

    You can thereby gauge that the subversive social-engineering of society is influencing the collective unconscious.

    Other elder cultures, which are of a shamanic oriention, have no hang ups about human sexuality, whose symbol systems usually have a balance between the gender archetypes of the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima.’

    If you was to communicate your dream to a Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist or a Tantric Hindu he/she would relate that your dream is classified as being a ‘Wisdom Dream,’ wherein you encountered the Dakinis. Normal dreams are otherwise termed as being Karma Dreams.

    Should you ask a Shaman if a Dakini is a non-human entity, he/she will smile, and explain that a Dakini is a thought-form.

    Should you then say, “that means that a Dakini is not real,” the Shaman will shake his/her head, and explain that a she is very real, just as you are.

    You will probably then say, “that doesn’t make any sense at all. How can a thought-form be a real as I am?”

    The Shaman will answer, “you are also a thought-form, along with the entirety of your existence. Everything that you experience is inside of your head; what your senses sense is interpreted by your brain. Your dreams are made up of thought-forms, and so too your reality, a Hindu mystic would call… Maya.”

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