The fallen Angel Lucifer, at the head of an army of rebellious Angels, rebel against a totalitarian/fascist God Emperor of Dune world Mars.


The rebelling Angels seek to stop the God Emperor and his machismo Stormtroopers, constructing an ‘end of days’ Iapetus death star, orbiting Saturn.


But the rebel Angel Lucifer is flung down to Earth, as a fallen Dragon, along with legions of rebellious (Succubi) Succubae.

Such a Biblical war in Holy-wood heaven, is quite ‘St George’ Lucas evocative of Star Wars.

But who exactly is this Lucifer? Well, the name of the fallen Angel Lucifer is originally derived from the Latin words ‘Lucem Ferre.’


The name literally means: light-bearer, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus from where women are said to come by glitzy Holy-Wood gurus.

But of prior ages, many a mad poet considered the sphere of Venus to be the Anima home of female entities who inspire Artists as their Angelic dream Muses.

The planet Venus heralds the dawn break of Hypnopompic daylight, after a dreamer has experienced Hypnagogic trance ingress into his Luna realm lucid dreams of Lilith’s Harem.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

The use of the word in this sense is uncommon in the English language, in which, day star, or, morning star, are the more common expressions.


The planet Venus was usually associated with love Goddesses in the ancient world; for Venus is the Roman name of the ancient Greek Anima Goddess of love and sexuality called Aphrodite.


In the Middle East the adoration of the Anima love Goddess was very popular, such as the Semitic love Goddess called Astarte, who of a Hippie era incarnation would be an anti-war protestor chanting, “make love, not war.”

She appeared in the Old Testament as Asthoreth of a demonised figure, becoming thence as an adversary, whom rebelled against the deified Animus, made as a Judaic God.

Along with a Star Wars Lucifer, whose rebellion led to a mythical war of an ancient galaxy wide conflict amidst the heavens.


Astarte was later transformed into the male Demon known as Ashtaroth (Goetia – 29th Spirit: Astaroth) by the Christian’s.


The Babylonian’s considered the star of Venus to be associated with their Anima Goddess of sexual love who they called Ishtar.

The Anima Goddess Ishtar was worshipped at the prior ancient Sumerian city of UR, situated in Iraq, from whence Animus fixated Abraham had stemmed.

As for the pre-Islamic Arabs; well before Muhammad appeared on the scene, the Kaaba stone of Mecca was once surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had its particular deity.

Arabs also believed in Jinn (subtle beings), and some vague divinity with many offspring. Among the major deities of the pre-Islamic era was the Anima Goddess called, Al-Lat, she was worshiped in the shape of a square stone. Al-Lat, was later transformed into Allah. You also have Al-Uzzah (the Mighty), a Goddess identified with the ‘morning star’ and worshiped as a thigh-bone-shaped slab of granite between al Talf and Mecca.

goetia_girls_fallen_angel girl

There was also an Anima Goddess of destiny, called Manat, who was worshiped as a black stone on the road between Mecca and Medina.


The use of the fallen morning star ‘Lucifer; generally refers to ‘Satan,’ of an indoctrinated common usage. Although the name is not applied to this entity in the New Testament.


The use of the name ‘Lucifer’ in reference to a fallen Angel stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3–20, a passage, which speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of ‘day star, morning Star’ (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky.


In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the morning star, with no relation to evil whatsoever.


In the Middle East you will find a worship of stones fallen from the sky being that of meteorites, or otherwise considered heavenly born, which were often associated with the ancient worship of the Anima Queen of Heaven, whose abode was seen to be the realm of the morning-day star of Venus.

In post-New Testament times the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as an alternative name for the Devil, both in religious writing and in fiction.


However, prior to the Christian usage of the name Lucifer you have the FAVSTINAE CONSECRATIO, the Consecration of Faustina, which depicts the Roman Empress Faustina being carried away to dwell with the deities of pre-Christian Pagan Rome by the Anima Goddess ‘DIANA LVCIFERA,’ Diana-Lucifera.


The Anima Goddess Diana-Lucifera was also depicted on many Roman coins, some of these coins date back to the era of the Imperial Roman Republic. The image of Diana-Lucifera is frequently depicted upon the reverse side of Roman coins bearing a portrait of Faustina on the obverse or otherwise that of Animus Apollo.


Faustina was obviously a devotee of Diana-Lucifera. So who was this, Faustina, whose name was later masculinised as Animus Faust? Well, there were actually two Faustinas, mother and daughter; Faustina senior and Faustina junior, whom were both frequenting the second century CE Rome. Faustina senior was the wife of Emperor Antoninus, whose last name was Pius.


Her daughter, Faustina junior, was the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelus. Marcus Aurelus was the successor and adopted son of Antoninus Pius.

Both Faustina senior and Faustina junior were deified by their husbands after their deaths. Faustina (senior or junior, more likely both), was dedicated to Diana-Lucifera, the wise crone aspect of Diana….The two Faustinas pretty much ruled the Roman empire in their husbands’ names.


The feast day of Diana-Lucifera was November 16th; while November 15th was the night of Hecate. Both of these Anima Goddesses are very much tied up with the practice of (Shamanism) Witchcraft who are depicted holding torches. Their worship involved secret (trance) rites being conducted in caverns etc, which were seen to be associated with the (womb) underworld.


The symbolism of the torch alludes to the inner light, which illuminates your infernal dreams, being that of the bio-photon emanating from your mitochondrial DNA, of a serpentine double-helix Dragon.


The name Diana-Lucifera is that of a composite name, made up of Diana and Lucifera. The Goddess Diana was the virgin huntress, who originated from the ancient Greek Goddess Artemis. The Goddess Artemis had a twin brother who was called Apollo. The Roman Catholic Church absorbed the virgin huntress Diana to fuse with their ‘blessed Virgin Mary,’ whose forerunner of primary foundation was the ancient Egyptian Anima Goddess Isis suckling the babe of Horus.


The babe Horus was fused with the Sol-Invictus of an Animus Apollo, who was then transformed into a Christ; while the Light bearer Diana-Lucifera was warped into a malign male fallen Angel to call Lucifer.


The Goddess Diana whose origin is that of the ancient Greek Anima Goddess Artemis as mentioned prior was said by the Greek’s to have come from a land beyond the North wind called Hyperborea with her brother Apollo. The land of Hyperborea very likely refers to Siberia where Shamans still practice their trance art.


The Mongolian (Shamans) Kams see the feminine principle, called Yal-un eke is the mother of Fire; while the Fire-King, known as Odqan is its master. The fire of Yal-un eke refers to the inner light of the bio-photon, which as mentioned prior, emanates from the mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children. Hence the inner light (torch of Diana-Lucifera) has a female source.

 gyp 2001

The name of Odqan appears to be the original ‘Altaic’ root word of the name given to the ancient Norse shamanic God called Odin and the Saxon, Woden, whom are one and the same deity. The mythic descriptions of Odin is very much that of a North-Central-Asian Shaman, to thereby perceive an influence emanating from out of Siberia.

Whereby you can determine a possible ancient migration of peoples from the Altai (Altay) region of Southern Siberia into Europe and elsewhere of land to migrate into, whose nomadic tribes had also prior crossed over the Bering Straits into America. Wherefore you have Artemis (Yal-un eke) and Apollo (Odqan) of the ancient Greek’s. It was Apollo who gifted the serpentine double-helix DNA of a Dragon secret Caduceaus to Hermes, in exchange for his seven planetary Chakra sphere stringed lyre.


You will find that the names of Odqan, Odin and Woden all have the same meaning of having shamanic trance mastery over an Inner fire (bio-photon) illuminating your electron dreams, whose mitochondrial feminine source is Diana-Lucifera, residing as the fallen Dragon DNA within each and every one of your cells.


Being a carbon-based-life-form that you are, you will no doubt be aware that your carbon atoms have 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons of Great Beast number; whereby, you are all beastly fallen rebels of Star Wars. Said Star Wars conflict was very likely that of a sex war, which appears to be occurring again!


NOTE: Most psychologists of varying psychological disciplines are very much aware of the Animus and Anima, which were scientifically investigated and clarified of a psychological function by the psychologist Carl Jung.

However, said psychologists, and even Jung, himself usually describe the Animus and Anima in very convoluted language, which of labyrinthine intellectualisations, lose any applied practicality. The following has been simplified for the layperson.

But then it is all very simple of nature anyway. Hence, without thinking about it, an everyday psycho-biological process is easily taken for granted, and thereby entirely missed. Wherefore, the likes of religious/political social engineers utilise what is habitually not self-observed in order to influence and ultimately have total control over the quite oblivious masses.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    I came across a Aztec/Mesoamerican Deity by the name of Godess Itzpapalotl whom origins and story mirrors/parallels Goddess Diana-Lucifera, during my research about female spiritual entities for sorcery exploration. Goddess Itzpapalotl whose name means “Obsidian Butterfly” is the leader of a group of Aztec Female Deities known as the Tzitzimime whose name translates as “Star Demons” and they fell to Earth from the Celestial Heavens after some kind of Great War or possibly Cosmological Reformation.

    I’m fairly certain we can agree it’s not just a coincidence that two different cultures are speaking about similar events in their cosmology or this Knowledge is just somehow a myth. I believe the Lore or Goddess Diana-Lucifera and Goddess Itzpapalotl are very likely records of events that happened in the Spirit World which has generated associated historic events in our normal-waking-state world history.

    I’m not saying that Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalotl are the exact same Goddess but they are so closely related in many respects that Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalot seem connected at a very deep levels beneath the ethnic colorings of their respective cosmology and possibly unified at root of these diverse cultural paradigms. However, it stands to reason since our conscious interacts within an infinite multiverse than there has to be universes where Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalotl are one and the same.

    All the Best

    P.S. I also found a very interesting artwork online inspired by Itzapalot that I believe you may find interesting as well.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The lore concerning Itzpapalotl I had utilised for the book, which I illustrated, entitled: Goetia – Succubus School:

      The motif of the Obsidian Butterfly also alludes to a Bat. In Mexico, a slang term for a Bat is, Butterfly. The symbolism of the Bat, ties in with an experience, of which the anthropologist Michael Harner had, when partaking of Ayahuasca in the Amazon.

      Harner experienced a vivid psychonaut journey into the depths of deepest memory. He found himself standing upon a vast beach, lapped by a deep ocean. Above him was a clear blue sky, out of which fell creatures, he felt were Dragons, looking like giant Bats.

      These creatures informed Harner that they had journeyed far across the starry expanse of space in order to escape an enemy. The giant Bats also informed Harner that they created all life upon the planet in order to hide themselves within many forms.

      After Harner’s experience, he later sought out a shaman in the jungle; the shaman was blind and old, and renowned for his deep knowledge of inner space. Harner described what he had experienced to the shaman; but he made it a point of not describing the Dragons. After Harner communicated his experience, the shaman smiled and related that Harner had met up with the giant Bats, who have mastery over space.

      Harner was perplexed by the shamans answer, which indicated that, he too had encountered the same Bat entities. Harner later realised that the Bats could be associated with the Serpentine DNA, of which the anthropologist Jeremy Narby wrote about in his book, entitled: Cosmic Serpent.

      Narby had noted that the depiction of entwined Serpents in Ayahuasca inspired art appeared to be describing the double-helix of the DNA, and that other cultures had the same intuitive understanding, such as being depicted in the Caduceus of ancient Greece. Although, the Caduceus was given to Hermes by Apollo, who originally stemmed from the land beyond Boreas, which refers to Siberia; the Northern land, the Greek’s called Hyperborea, where shamans explore inner space via trance and lucid dreaming.

      Apollo has a twin sister called Artemis, the Roman’s called Diana, which leads you to Diana-Lucifera. The Roman’s depicted Diana-Lucifera holding onto a torch, which is a reference to the inner light you experience when dreaming.

      The inner light is that of the (Fire/Star) Bio-Photon, which emanates from the Mitochondrial DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children; wherefore the entwined ‘double-helix’ serpent symbolism of Ayahuasca visions is seen to be emanating from a female source.

      There is a theory that life was seeded upon the Earth from space, via (Star-crash) comets or meteorites, which is termed as Panspermia. It thereby appears that Harner could have experienced an ancient memory of the Earth being seeded from space with genetic material, which exists in all life forms upon the planet, and what is more, it has its own intelligence.

      This intelligence appears to be stemming from the Mitochondrial DNA from where the (Diana-Lucifera) Bio-Photon (Star-light) is emanating, which illuminates your electron dreams.

      Hence, in many ancient cultures, the realm of the illuminated dream, is seen to be a female (Star) domain, which is symbolised as the womb, and in turn a cave, where Bats frequent. As mentioned prior, in Mexico Bats are also called (Obsidian) Butterflies.

      The Obsidian Butterflies of inner space, the Yaqui Sorcerer, Don Juan Matus termed as, Allies.

      As for a war between opposing factions in Heaven, should one take note that the inner visions of Ayahuasca reveals that the entwined Serpents and that of Bats represent the creation of Life upon the planet, then the opposing faction represents Death.

      When to take this further, concerning the discoveries of the Physicists, who are starting to see that reality could be that of a simulation, the Hindu mystics call Maya, then a war in Heaven symbolically alludes to an underlying informational process.

      For example, the Physicist James Gates, discovered computer code embedded in Superstring theory. The two opposing factions can then be seen as ‘0’ and ‘1’ of binary code. The Binary code can be otherwise symbolised as a ‘Bat’ and a ‘Butterfly;’ when a ‘Superimposition State’ of hypnagogic trance ingress into the dream occurs, you then have Itzpapalotl, whose (Lucid Dream) star sisters are the (Succubae – Programs) Allies.


    This is an answer to, Miles:

    Your habitual Lead-mine tunnel-vision statement, of dubious sanity, that said article is Neo-Feminist, is none too different to many another indoctrinated perception, which is insanely incorrect.

    I am not a Neo-Feminist!

    The protesting Neo-Feminists are oblivious to the fact that they have deified their ‘Animus’ of a gender fixation God, to then rally against its patriarchy, they themselves have Fifty-Shades-Of-Grey created.

    Where did the ‘Anima’ go? She to have totally ‘Fallen’ out of the symbolic equation.

    If you cannot figure out what the terms, ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima,’ mean, look to Carl Jung to explain it!

    Jung’s insight may just enable you to escape from your padded cell!


    This is an answer for Sinforeternity:

    Lucifer of a ‘deified Animus’ fixation was originally Diana-Lucifera, hence the pre-Christian Roman coins showing her ‘Anima’ image, which did not involve the sacrificing of babies.

    All the dark side black -magic crap is engineered propaganda, which still continues; it is no different to 1930’s prohibition America making out that Hemp is the Reefer Madness Devil’s weed, which to have initiated a forever war on drugs.

    Even though Hemp can’t make you high, the ban went insanely global. It is easy brainwashing the mass populace, by using fear, such as initiating a false-flag attack to bring down the ‘asbestos’ filled twin pillars of ‘Boaz’ and ‘Jachin,’ which to have sired a ‘war for eternity.’

    As for the ‘Satirical’ utilisation of Star Wars and its archetypal correspondence with the ‘Animus’ fixated Cultists of the Oily UR triad, who insanely dance around their Petrodollar ziggurat, there is little or no mention of David Icke’s reptilian’s.

    Unless you are referring to Icke’s Sci-fi reptilians masking Biblical demons, which of an engineered Neuro-marketing viral-meme keeps the indoctrinated mass focus on a certain Oily locale.

    In other words, it very easy to ‘program,’ the mass populace, which is none too dissimilar to ‘programming’ Cylons, who in the sci-fi series have a ‘programmed’ fixation on a ‘deified Animus’ made as a God/Lucifer!


    This is an answer for rouutt:

    Should you CLICK on the images, they will take you to my Patreon or other associated pages of possible interest, which also lead to more pages, etc.

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