There is a small UAV, which looks remarkably like a flying saucer.


The craft in question is an Embler demonstrator from the UK-based AESIR UAS company based in Perterborough, not too far away from Rendlesham forest of UFO fame.

The UK-based AESIR had supposedly originated from the GFS Projects, a small start-up from Geoff Hatton. GFS stands for Geoff’s Flying Saucers.


AESIR’s core product is the creation of air vehicles, which takes advantage of the Coanda Effect, whose technology has been mentioned on many a past occasion by researchers investigating the Nazi UFO mystique; although commonly swept aside by sceptics.

You have to wonder if AESIR is taking the total Monster X-Files Mickey Mouse out of the public by utilising the coverall term: Aesir, of the pre-Christian Germanic pantheon, of which the supposed Vril Society was into big time of a said Nazi mystique. I mean, what other association is there, between the Aesir of the pre-Christian European faith and UAC’s looking like UFO’s?


Although you did have the Valkyries walking the sky like Buddhist Dakinis, whom had shiny shields? But I don’t think AESIR is referring to the Pagan Valkyries; more so that of the Vril mediums, of a viral-mystique, who saw themselves as remote-viewing Valkyries, whom Operation Paperclip had probably appropriated at the end of WWII for their Project Stargate, in order to remote-view new Vril technologies.


Perhaps John F, Kennedy had drunkenly informed Marilyn Munroe that the Operation Paperclip Nazi’s had taken over the military industrial complex of America, which of a monstrous X-File secret led to their untimely demise, since they knew too much about a Secret Space Program?


All of the publicly shown AESIR UAV’s, which over-watch the public are quaintly named after Nordic deities. The AESIR UAV’s, as mentioned prior, use the Coanda Effect, which is utilised in order to produce a stable and practical VTOL UAV. They can even hover and navigate inside of buildings, or around a… forest. At one time, the sceptics knocked Coanda flying disks let alone to ignore Foo fighters flying around like angry fireflies.

Now numerous Vril hobbyists are busily constructing science fiction kit-models of these hovering Valkyries, and that of similar UFO type devices to remotely fly over public parks, as if they have been around for ages, without blinking a shocked eyelid; well, they have, for sometime. Although, all very hush, hush, hidden away behind a veil of military secrecy, apart from subversively educating the public via numerous B-movies about late WWII aftermath 1940’s-1950’s ‘Nordic’ aliens, becoming 1960’s Asiatics during the Vietnam war era; then to shapeshift into Whitley Strieber 1980’s Grey’s and David Ike Reptilian’s dancing around Abraham’s ziggurat of Sumerian Ur, in present day war torn Iraq, and all very much humanoid, rather than anything truly… Alien.


As for AESIR, the Peterborough company near unto Rendlesham forest has made several UFO prototypes, which have demonstrated their capability for stable and controllable flight. AESIR is also considering creating full-scale versions, which will have the capability of carrying military hardware and even troops. It is very likely that behind the scenes this technology has been taken much further, since the Nazi technology at the end of WWII was fifty years ahead of the Allies at the time.

Whereupon, the technology has probably rapidly evolved a hundred years ahead, or far more than what you are presently aware of. The general public are totally unaware as to the development of these secret technologies, apart from their tax dollars being consumed by black projects to disappear, along with sighting strange craft hovering over Phoenix Arizona, etc, due to the fact that it has been around since WWII, to be duly covered up as being supposedly… Alien. But, if they have cracked Time Travel, it is little wonder that they are keeping it all very secret, which of a capability would be a prerequisite for deep space travel, this would of course require the assistance of a… sentient artificial intelligence.


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