The Mad Magician Faustus Crow rebelliously conjures up Tulpa Mind Dolls amidst his vivid Triangle Of Art Imagination.


These Frankenhooker Tulpa Mind Dolls frequent Crow’s erotic lucid dreams as his inspiring Widdershin-wise Succubae Art Muses.

This Left-Hand-Path dream Sorcery of a rebellion is artistically conducted in order to negate the subversive brainwash of an all encompassing symbolic Matrix.


The symbolic Matrix of a Right-Hand path fixation upon a deified Animus made as a Good Cop God and a Bad Cop Devil imprisons many a mind.

The principle Necronomicon Succubus around whom the other 72 Succubae Great Old Ones to gather, is mantra called Mephistophina.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Her infernal Anima archetype has since been set free from the patriarchal ‘fusion centre’ Shemhamphorasch chains, which bound (Mephistopheilia) Mephistophina and her Nightgaunt Nun Sisterhood of Lilith’s Harem into Animus form, by Solomon’s Orwellian elder god Abraham temple, ruled over by the Illuminati Big-Brother banker Freemasons.

The criminal aristocrats of the banking elite seek to reinforce the symbolic Matrix of a montheist illusion in order to hide their centralist politics of fascism behind its New-World-Order mask.


But their Animus fixation is the weak spot of their illusory armour, which is clear for all to Seer through.


Wherefore to also observe that the Emperor never did wear any clothes of finance via which the elitist aristocrats enslave their slavish zombie slaves to do their bidding.


Hence, the brainwashed politically-correct Gestapo minions of the Abrahamic Big-Brother Incubi cults do become most reactive indeed, who label Faustus Crow as being nothing more than a vile Entartete Kunst pornographer who is quite… Mad!


Faustus Crow cares not about what the servile slaves to throw of judge-mental stones within their Abrahamic asylum of a glasshouse; for he has entered into a Coitus Pactum with his most loving Anima.


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