Throughout the lurid history of occultism, the name of Belial has dominated the murky Cabbalistic explorations of the occultists.

In the Catholic Encyclopaedia, Belial is one of their principle phallic Demons, with whom of an adversarial egregore, the Vatican has an incestuous love, hate relationship, which validates their deified ‘Animus’ fixation upon an Orwellian egregore God of centralist politics.

However, rebellious secret societies of anarchistic Discordian’s, who are inspired by the Chaos Magick antics of the Anima fluctuation Goddess Eris, otherwise conjured up Belial as a Succubus archetype of the Fallen ‘Anima,’ to call Beliala.

These anarchistic Discordian’s may be continuing to do so up to the present day, whom conjure Beliala’s Frankenhooker Mind-Doll Tulpa, of a Shekhinah Shin flame fluctuation, within their ‘Anima’ inspired lucid dreams.

Well, why not, she’s a hot Succubus to psychonaut interact with, within inner space.

It is whispered by some, that Leonard Nimoy was secretly the Heyoka head of a surrealist sorcery group of Discordian Dadaist’s, whose Shekhinah Séances are designed to conjure up the Shin flame Mind-Doll Tulpa ectoplasm of Beliala, in order to usher in the hippie Age of Aquarius.


However, within the banned innards of the much maligned Necronomicon, Beliala is described to be a powerful Queen.


She is also said to have been the second Great-Old-One created after Diana-Lucifera who wields the fiery Vulcan torch of Shin.

For example: “The Sixty-eighth Succubus is Beliala. She is a Mighty and a Powerful Queen, and was created next after DIANA-LUCIFERA. She appeareth in the Form of Two Beautiful female Angels.”

“Or to manifest as a woman of arcane science sitting in a Starship of Fiery Enterprise crewed by Succubae.”


“She speaketh with a Comely Voice, and declareth that she fell first from among the worthier sort, that were before Michelle, and other Heavenly Succubae.”

“Her Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc.; and to cause favour of Friends and of Foes. She giveth excellent Familiars, and governeth 50 Legions of Succubae.”

“Note well that this Queen Beliala must have Offerings of ejaculated Sacrifices, and of lustful songs, as well as Gifts of erotic poetry presented unto her shimmering visionary form by the Sorcerer, or else she will not give True Answers unto his remote-viewing Demands.”

 “But then she tarrieth not one hour in the Truth, unless she be constrained by thy Divine Will Power to bind her fiery Tulpa. And her meditation Seal is this, which is to be masturbated… Oops! I mean meditated upon, before conjuring her into a lucid dream, etc.” (S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson.)

Due to Beliala’s involvement with Diana-Lucifera, it suggests that Beliala may have been involved with Diana-Lucifera in the events of the garden, which led to Lilith’s Kundalini temptation of Eve.

This invariably led to Eve tempting poor Adam to partake of her logical Yoni cider, which of a female source ‘illuminated’ his skull of an inner fire. However, this inner fire of Shin is often misunderstood.


Or that she was involved in the long ago fall from Mars to Earth, when Princess Diana-Lucifera and her rebel forces of Succubae rebelled against the fascist/totalitarian rule of Emperor Jehovah and his cloned Stormtrooper angels. Beliala is definitely listed among the fallen rebel angels of Diana-Lucifera, and is the 68th Succubus archetype of the Fallen ‘Anima’ listed in the Goetia. She is said to reign over as many as 80 Vulcan legions of salacious star born Succubae.


Secret Jewish lore has it that Beliala is chief of all the Succubae; although others to argue that Lilith is the actual Queen of the Succubae, who instigates wet dreams; whatever the case they are most loving sisters who to hungrily feast together around a wand’s erection.

One of the banned Dead Sea scrolls contains a story about a sex war between the ‘Animus’ Sons of Light and the ‘Anima’ Daughters of Darkness, and claims Beliala is the leader of the most wanton Daughters of Darkness.

Her very name, taken from the patriarchal Hebrew word Bliol, means, “a wicked one.”

In The patriarchal Martyrdom of Isaiah, although of an alternate banned version, which has been interpreted into the modern, indicates that: “Beliala is the angel of artistic anarchy, who rips aside the wrought neuro-advertising illusions of the priests; whose big-business cults of the deified Animus presently rule over the world.”

The illogical patriarchs of the Illuminati triad out of Abraham’s UR cannot abide Beliala, who is seen as an adversarial anti-brand of logic, whereby she is considered as being very wicked; for in the Orwellian New-World-Order Kingdom Of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil, the elite rule by keeping their indoctrinated flocks ignorant; wherein of a Big-Brother Overwatch Eden, ignorance is bliss.

Another ancient secret text, buried deep within the fetid guts of the Vatican’s infernal vaults, known as The Damascus Document, is a prophetic warning that at the time of the horned Ante-Christ arising out of Siberia under the pole star; “Fallen Anima Beliala shall be let loose against the Abrahamic Animus trinity of Illuminati faiths. . .”

The text speaks of, three wars of Beliala, which are said to be the war against Abrahamic sexual repression; the war against Temple banker finance, which is an imprisoning illusion; and the war against the poisoning of the waters of the Earth with atomic waste, sodium fluoride and other neurotoxins and mutagenic compounds by the criminal elite, who support the hypocritical triad of big-business Illuminati cults out of Iraq’s UR, which to Petrodollar dance around Abraham’s eye, amidst a ziggurat Beehive.”

Beliala sounds like a powerful and extremely difficult Succubus to conjure. Hence the reason why the psychic Übermensch, Aaron C. Donohoo decided to instead evoke the patriarchal viral-meme Belial, of an indoctrinated religious fixation, who seemed to be a safer ‘Animus’ bet, to thence remote-view. But he soon discovered a mystery.

The common Grimoire manifestation of Belial as an Animus archetype male Demon, appeared to Donohoo as a rotting corpse, seated in Robert Bigelow’s international space station of a private ‘Elysium’ for the rich elite.

Donohoo said he sensed that the male expression of Belial was dead; “A strange ‘green hue’ out of the sephiroth sphere of Venus is noted surrounding Belial’s male form of the Animus, suggesting a feminine Orion slave girl radiation, which rapidly transformed him into an Anima archetype of a female Spock out of Star Trek.”


“This female Spock then led a federation of planets commando force of Anima archetype Succubae to free the USS Enterprise of a Merkabah time machine out of Area 52, whose scientists have warped Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Vimana vision all out of shape.”

The brainwash associated with Belial is to do with a symbolic Matrix of an all male pantheon of Angels and Demons, which has been verily transformed into aliens by the indoctrinated, who are somewhat unaware of what the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima’ represents of a biological reality.

The cultists adore their machismo God and butch Lucifer of an ‘Animus’ fixation, whose male archetype resides within the Solomon temple psyches of all women.

Here the plot thickens, Donohoo also writes that while he feels that; “Belial is dead because the Anima Succubus Beliala has taken the place of the male Animus Belial. . .”


“It appears that Anima Beliala has been eventually released out her Animus genie bottle by the anarchistic Discordian’s, whose dismembered corpse of autopsy will be revealed. Beliala looks remarkably like T’pol out of the TV series Enterprise, which is to do with time travel of an intriguing storyline.”

goetia_girls_belial_tpol _succubus_1

Examination of Donohoe’s remote viewed drawing of the male Belial indicates a lifeless Robert Bigelow at the window of his international space station, whose mouth is frozen into a terrified scream.


Donohoo had the clairaudient impression of Bigelow’s strangled voice cry out; “I didn’t know… they used me!” But, by who?

His eyes bulging, as if Bigelow has seen something hunting him across the Skinwalker ranch, which he owns in Utah.


Donohoo is unsure as to who used Robert Bigelow, or why this powerful ‘Animus’ archetype is reduced to no more than a billionaire Bigelow corpse, and when this had actually occurred, or to yet happen.


But it may have something to do with the fact that Bigelow’s aerospace company is the only private entity upon the face of the Earth, which has a permit to take weapons into space, such as a death ray, for example, whose Tesla invention can easily take out an aircraft over Russia, across the wide open ocean, or to eliminate far larger targets from orbit, let alone down UFO’s.

No one would ever suspect its use or even to believe it exists, of a shadowy Reagan era Star Wars project. Whereupon natural catastrophes can be blamed, or that someone fired a missile.

As for Belial’s transformation into the Vulcan Succubus Beliala; Donohoo considers this to be a great mystery.

But perhaps, Leonard Nimoy can reveal far more, when to speak of the bio-photon ‘Shin’ flame emanating from out of the mitochondrial DNA Shekhinah, of a time control signal.

The ancient pre-Christian Roman’s otherwise experienced the Shekhinah as Diana-Lucifera, who illuminates your electron dreams with her Vulcan fire. It is via your electron dreams, you can remote view the future, or even the past, of lucid dream Time Travel. Such dreams can be initiated when to meditate upon the sigilic symbol of a Vimana Enterprise in league with the conjuration of Vulcan Beliala amidst your Triangle Of Art Imagination.

The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)

Related image

AFTERWORD: Leonard Nimoy, an inspired actor and a visionary genius. A true Artist in every sense of the word. Live Long And Prosper Spock, one and the same as Nimoy, indivisible. You are now an Immortal icon of the collective dream, always to be remembered. Leonard Nimoy Spock will forever inspire many to reach towards a brighter future, where Star Trek is real. 

STAR TREK DISCOVERY: The employed symbolism of Star Trek Discovery Belial is quite, intriguing. Branding is very important to a franchise, so the series abbreviation and names of characters are heavily investigated. Wherefore it is rather strange that the abbreviated gender affliction ‘STD’ got past them, unless they did it on purpose.

Michael Burnham’s, English surname is associated with the element of ‘Water.’ Gabriel Lorca’s, Spanish surname is also associated with the element of ‘Water.’

The 68th spirit of the Goetia, called, Belial is associated with the star-sign of the ‘Water,’ bearer/carrier, Aquarius. The planet of Gene Rodenberry Hippie era Aquarius is Uranus, whose abstract sigil appears to have inspired the shape of the Enterprise.

Belial manifests as ‘two angels’ within a fiery (Shin: Spock’s hand-sign V) chariot. The question is, why would the makers of Star Trek associate their brand with a spirit out of the Goetia, considering its common Playgirl grimoire associations with what many a Muggle to term as malign black magic?

Such an association is rather risky to say the least for a mainstream franchise, whose subject matter, at face-level, has nothing to do with the occult. It would not be a wise decision to make if the association is based upon the usual grimoire symbolism of commonality.

Although, the makers of Star Trek might do so, if they are seeking to stir up the sand-box conspiracy theorists to initiate a viral-meme about the usual Satanic Illuminati, etc, in order to push their reinvented brand, but that could easily backfire.

Or perhaps they were influenced by an out-of-the-box ‘Anima’ reversal of the common ‘Animus’ fixated Hogwarts symbolism? If so, the STD creators have totally misinterpreted what the ‘Anima’ and ‘Animus’ represent.

ALSO: The sign of Shin is NOT an invocation of the Devil. It is otherwise associated with the inner light/fire of the bio-photon emanating from the mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children; hence you have the Shekhinah, the Hindu terms as Shakti.

As for the motif of the horned Devil/Lucifer/Satan, it is the demonisation of the horned shaman, which in turn demonises shamanistic cultures. The intolerant monotheistic cults of Christianity and Islam have made it a point of demonising the ancestral-self-identities of other peoples, whose BORG cults had originally appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s. When to copy, the BORG copier invariably seeks to destroy the original; whereby you had the holocaust.

Now, you have three monotheistic BORG cults forming an Illuminati ‘triangle’ around the Oily Ur ziggurat of their founder Abraham, whose Orwellian eye is amidst its Petrodollar pyramidal hierarchy, adoring a deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil of centralist NWO politics.

The ‘three’ monotheistic cults are feudal in nature who share the same Oily focus on having a Messiah/Christ/Prophet as their ‘God King’ Fuehrer ruling over the world; whereupon you have approximately 85, or 72 people owning most of the wealth of the entire globe, whose shadowy aristocracy circle an Oily Fuehrer, who’s just a puppet king!


Follow the money trail to see the truth of it. Whereas a Star Trek future possibility has no money; for money is just a symbolic construct of a tool, it is just an illusion; whence, the few, of a so called elite atop of the Oily pyramidal ziggurat are just gangsters, whose centralist God-Father is no different to an Emperor wearing no clothes!  

NOTE: In regards to the Occult Star Trek Books, if there be a pedantic BORG without having any sense of Discordian humour, lacking imagination, then the books will be very difficult for a BORG mind-set to assimilate, which of ‘speculative’ science fiction, and of an imaginative exploration of the occult archetypes, a BORG mind will no doubt consider to be mere ‘speculation;’ though contradictory of tunnel vision, a BORG mind-set will quaintly ignore the facile and rather banal contradiction of its own ‘programmed’ perception! But don’t worry, a BORG, mind can ‘reprogram’ its own brain, if said BORG ever sees fit to do so. A BORG brain will just have to keep away from the fluoridated water, it’ll bugger up its pineal gland, BORG style!




  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    I saw this paradigm expanding/smashing article on about Dinsey buying the TV rights to Star Trek.

    Now that in itself just another corporate entity eating another to sustain itself but it’s what’s been leaked that Disney wants to do with Star Trek that I had to bring it to your attention if you wasn’t aware already.

    “Disney is rebooting the television series Star Trek as a fast track project. JJ Abrams had been in talks with Disney before it closed on Star Trek. Iger asked Abrams to secretly set the reboot of Star Trek in the Star Wars universe and in return he would be rewarded by directing the first of the Star Wars movies.”

    “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, now being edited for December release, will plant suggestions that the Federation, Klingons and Romulans were connected to the Star Wars universe. They are dubbing references along those lines into the dialogue now. (Tribbles?) This will set up additional storylines in the television reboot of Star Trek. But Iger assured the meeting that the Star Trek characters would not actually appear in the Star Wars films unless Paramount agreed.”

    “Disney will blend Star Trek into their Marvel Universe by placing Marvel characters like Iron Man and a future version of The Guardians of the Galaxy into worlds visited by the Starship Enterprise and its crew in the reboot. Disney also wants a unified backstory that Stark Industries designed the Starship Enterprise and is the go-to contractor for Starships to the Federation. Iger said he would consider licensing the same characters to Paramount for its Star Trek films if the scripts are made compatible.”

    Now when I read that I was thinking someone in Disneyland is reading/studying the Alchemical works of Faustus Crow to be thinking along those lines, and,or the Daemoness-Dakinis-Succubi-Valkries-Tulpas of the Goetia Girls been influencing the dreams of certain executives within the “Magic(k) Kingdom”.

    Of course the purists (cough) corporate stauss quo aren’t having that and the article states that a legal melee may already be at hand which will make the most most intense flame wars of the respective online fandoms of Star Trek & Star Wars look like children tea parties in comparison.

    Well whatever is going to result is certainly monumental and to quote Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban referencing Francis Bacon (ahem) I mean Shakespeare’s Macbeth’s Witches, “Something Wicked this way comes”.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Something Wicked This Way Comes; Disney/Marvel to fear, his name is Mad Max, who will blow the Superhero genre away!

  2. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    I may you owe you an apology as I just remembered it’s “April Fool’s Day” and the Deviantart article while legit may be the site playing a joke on the community but then again it sounds plausible enough to be potentially true.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      In the arts, the merging of symbolic themes from differing genres is often utilised in order to explore popular culture. This is very much the case concerning surrealism, which explores the archetypal domain of the dream; this technique can then be taken much further in relation to lucid dreaming, where symbolic fusions occur.

      As for the mundane publishing world of comic strip crossovers, which is primarily utilised by Marvel and DC, it is very much tied up with the fans of the superhero genre. Most of these fans are not at all interested in the shamanic lucid dream explorations of surrealistic artistry, which they consider to be very strange indeed, apart from when it is alluded to by a character such as Doctor Strange; but it is not taken seriously.

      The superhero crossovers works fine for Marvel and DC’s comic universe, frequented by their hard core fans. But not all the fans like it, who see it as being an unnecessary marketing ploy; while the general public can’t get their head around the nigh occult story weave of the convoluted crossovers, which is very much for the fans. If Disney is seriously considering applying the Marvel crossovers to Star Wars and Star Trek, it will be a very bad idea. But it is more likely that of an April Fool’s joke, which of subversive advertising will no doubt go viral due the reactive public.

      If such isn’t a joke, then you would have Disney being influenced by a little kid with a silver spoon stuck up its backside who is a hardcore Marvel fan. Should the little tyrant get his way, then he will singlehandedly destroy not only the present superhero franchise but also that of Star Wars and Star Trek, and in turn Disney’s reputation, whose studio will very quickly go broke. So, it is very likely an April Fool’s joke, otherwise Disney will be fucking its self right up the financial arse.

      Although a Star Trek and Star Wars crossover is no doubt a joke, you do have Guardian’s Of The Galaxy, which is already a fusion of Star Trek and Star Wars in a sense, whose visuals ripped off Mass Effect big time. The Guardians Of The Galaxy may be utilised as a crossover with the Avengers, which the hard core superhero comic fans will probably love. But as to the general public, it will not go down too well.

      As you will probably determine of a certainty, the general public would not be able to handle a crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars, which they would see as being April Fool’s laughable. It would most definitely make Gene Roddenberry turn over in his grave; as for George Lucas, I would be surprised he would let it happen; but then, Lucas allowed his kid to call the shots on the later installments of Star Wars, which ruined them.

      The superhero genre in regards to films is reaching saturation point, which means that Disney’s investment in Marvel will soon go into a big dip. If the Disney kids are seriously seeking a way to keep their spandex superheroes on the scene by using a crossover with Star Wars and Star Trek, then they will be truly fucked!

      One of the reasons why many of the European comic creators keep their distance away from American comics is due to the nigh religious zeal of superhero fans, whose costumed characters are part of an interconnected ‘brand;’ wherefore, when one falls from grace, they all fall of a ‘product.’ In Europe comics are considered to be the ninth art, each of which tell individual stories, they are not interconnected of labyrinthine crossovers.

      Anyway, the writing is on the wall for the superhero genre due to the return of the unique artistic vision of Mad Max, which will be the death of the superhero films; because at the end of the day, Mad Max is more realistic. The Disney kids are well aware that the superhero genre was pushed off centre stage, when Mad Max first came onto the scene; all you have to do is to remember the incredible Hulk and Superman franchises.

      It was only until the dark vision of a Gothic Batman that the superhero genre clawed its way back into celluloid, which was primarily due to an underlying interest in the Vampire mystique at the time. When they made the camp version of Batman and Robin, it crashed and burned. Shiny superheroes are not in the same league as rough Mad Max, just as Star Trek and Star Wars are intrinsically different entities.

      Star Trek lost its edge, when it was no longer reflecting social issues. During the Hippie 60’s to the 70’s, Star Trek broke new ground with many of its themes concerning inter-racial relationships, for example. The later film versions of Star Trek unto Abrams just didn’t have the social punch anymore, they played safe; wherefore forgettable.

      Star Wars rode the wave of the innovative 2001 A Space Odyssey of Kubrik, whose vision was futuristic NASA; whereas Lucas’s visionary genius hearkened back to the old space operas of Dan Dare and Flash Gordon; its gritty influence of gnarled spacecraft and eccentric alien characters then led to the Battlestar Galactica franchise, which was later transformed into a far darker vision of a highly successful TV series, whose audience was primarily adult.

      When Star Wars was taken over by the kiddie themes of fluffy aliens, such as Ewoks, it became a farce. Still enjoyable though, if you ignored the kiddie stuff; but it was primarily aimed at children of an age group under ten; many of these kids are now playing video games, which are far darker of hue. Hence the reason for Abrams taking over the Star Wars reins; perhaps he will do a better job on Star Wars than he did with Star Trek.

      As for artistic practice concerning symbolic fusions from differing genres, which can be personified as Succubae Art Muses, it is in an entirely different artistic arena to that of the mundane superhero crossovers of fans.

      The practice of internally conjuring the archetypes of popular culture is primarily personal of exploration, which can be orientated towards engendering the shamanic exploration of surreal lucid dreams.

      The technique can be utilised to determine how your subconscious mind is being influenced by the viral-meme archetypes of popular culture as well as depicting them in other two-dimensional forms of fused artistry; likened to that of symbolic equations. This will then enable you to reprogram your own subconscious mind, and in turn experiencing the conjured three-dimensional reality of an archetype within your lucid dreams, such as Beliala manifesting as T’Pol.

  3. I like to see Dr T’vol incorp into your work of course there a few others. Great works.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The Star Trek Magellan fan-site is intriguing as a potential alternate Grimoire concerning the now nigh archetypal symbolism of Star Trek, along with a number of associated iconic actors and actresses.

      As for the implantation of the Star Trek symbolism into dreams, it will only act as symbolic triggers regarding whatever you had prior associated with the symbols focused upon.

      Much of the dream symbolism will usually be derived from your everyday memories.

      The subconscious will also generate its own associations, which can be quite revealing as to furthering your creativity concerning the personal evolution of the Star Trek symbolism.

      So, if you focus upon T’vol, her medical association, could be utilised as a dream trigger to facilitate self-healing. However, your subconscious may also generate other correspondences in regards to the T’vol association with an actress, etc.

      For example, you may have a dream that you are visiting a Hollywood studio, in which there is a set of a medical station out of Star Trek; wherein you act the part of being healed of a particular malady you have an issue with by T’vol and her medical team.

      The theory behind it would be that you are consciously interacting with the quantum realm of the dream via its symbolic interface, which of an informational reality then sets in motion healing processes at a bio-molecular level, and in turn that of a physical manifestation.

      The employed symbolism would be that of engineering a lucid dream, like that of programming a virtual reality.

      The Star Trek symbolism concerning T’vol may initiate remote-viewing future medical breakthroughs, where the technology of Star Trek will invariably become real.

      Those who are of a more Biblical mindset would conjure up an Angel for the same task of healing, which of associated symbolism would manifest within the dream in a different way, such as the dreamer finding himself/herself in the Middle-East, etc; but it will lead to the same goal.

      • That is fascinating you mentioned the attraction and connection of the medical aspect aspect of the character, considering I been dealing with a long term injury that needs repair but not really wanting to get minor arm surgery, I always thought she was very attractive since superman series.
        I am still working on the controlling my dream in part but being connected to the images in some what also ties into the subconscious is fascinating thing, makes me want get all the books you have out I have most of them and of course play around my own images without the symbolism until I know more of that and more and more study, since I have a good pair of reading glasses now I and able to see, I want to read and look over everything you got.
        I haven’t got the new book but I defiantly will soon.
        Is anime associations the same way as anime is view trigger can subconscious memories? if I am understanding it right.
        My own personal path views I think there was always one main path but forces in play trying to alter it strong/weak, good/”bad”, rich/poor so i guess it would try remain the middle path, but attaining as much knowledge as possible. Initially what lead me on the quest was my dream a blue levitating being in female form with a long braid that spoke without speech in a city or land of light or gold very bright and very vivid I thought maybe a jinn but read they are made of fire, this was blue skin like the girl in the xmen but not sinister looking, I was looking for the same image ever since not even sure why other than she communicated to me she had a message for me and I think the image would trigger more memory or trigger the dream like a vision I guess. But defiantly a society of being that is much further advanced at least on a communications level.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The conscious mind works with words, but the words are only understood because of what they nigh instantaneously ‘Conjure’ of associated ‘Symbols.’

        The associative process occurs within the subconscious, which deals primarily with ‘Symbols,’ not words.

        Basically, you don’t have to consciously think about a word association with a symbol, as you would do when first learning a language; it becomes subconsciously automatic.

        This also applies to observing external stimuli, from which associations are automatically generated; such as watching a video about aliens healing people, which can then be otherwise applied to your focus upon T’vol, when to come to an understanding that the common motif of many an otherworldly encounter is that of an individual experiencing hypnagogic (phase) trance ingress into a lucid dream.

        The lead up to achieving lucidity is becoming aware of the automatic associative process of the subconscious mind when to remember your dreams.

        Your electron dreams are illuminated by the bio-photon, which of an inner ‘fire,’ emanates from the mitochondrial DNA; wherefore, the experienced dreams and its characters can be termed as being worlds of the Jinn.

        The conscious mind often gets entangled in complexity, such as creating intricate intellectualised associations concerning a dream involving a blue skinned female.

        But, the subconscious mind is quite simple in its symbolic language, which associates the colour blue with the sky; hence corresponding to heaven, and in turn other associations.

        In general, most of the symbolic associations are forged when as a child, which becomes ever more complex as the child grows into adulthood.

        You will find that the Anime and Manga, which are successful tend to use archetypal themes a child would understand of a ‘primary foundation,’ which can lead to more complex scenarios depending on what age group the medium is marketed for.

        The science of neuro-marketing/advertising looks into what types of symbolic stimuli influences the subconscious, which is housed in the area of the reptilian brain-stem.

        In other words, the neuro-marketing/advertising scientists are attempting to influence your dream state, whose techniques of symbolic manipulations are none too different to those shamans use, who were the first Artists.

  4. An-Gel Sakura Says:

    I’m glad you like my Angelina Jolie Vulcan photo manipulation.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Yes, I do, its cool, and most appropriate, considering her name is ANGEL-ina, who could otherwise now be named, Michaela, or Michelle, of a far more subversive introduction of religion into Star Trek Discovery, and in turn the Star Trek franchise, which would make Gene Roddenberry howl from the grave.

      But as for a Star Trek Discovery character name, of a Male title, Michael, which is now being quaintly utilised to communicate female empowerment, which is not really questioned; why not then name a Male character such as Gabriel, to call Gabriella?

      Of course, if such had been the gender-bending naming case, Star Trek Discovery would become rather laughable to have a Male starship captain called Gabreilla, which would then transform Star Trek Discovery into The Orville.

      Then again, it is the Michael Burnham version of The Orville, because every time you hear the name of an archangel, Mr Gabriel becomes Gabriella.

      A strong female character doesn’t need a male name, given by a male, to indicate that she is strong, let alone to make a social engineering point!

      It is quite self evident that Star Trek Discovery is indulging in blatent ‘social manipulation.’

      As for the starship seal of Belial, the ‘Shin’ of a tattoo and an associative Rune, indicating Star Trek’s underlying Hippie Occult themes; well, I just had to incorporate the symbolism of further ‘photo manipulation.’

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