There is a mystery surrounding the Forty-seventh Goetian Succubus atchetype of the Fallen Anima called Vuali, who governs over Thirty-seven legions of (Succubi) Succubae.

Vuali is otherwise known as Uvalli, or Vovalli, who seems to be an Egyptian ghost girl through and through; she has a liking for taking up residence in an ornate Genies bottle of copper.

When Aaron C. Donohoo conjured Vuali for his remote viewed drawing of her, she at first appeared amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination bedecked in bandages like an Egyptian mummy, posing in front of the pyramids. Her bandages were in tatters, which in places was revealing her voluptuous naked body.

Her bandages then fell away at her feet, lying flat upon the ground around her, who was then dressed as a classical Genie riding a mighty dromedary.

The mystery, of course, is why this Succubus attaches herself to the Egyptian culture. Was she among the many deities worshipped by the ancient Egyptians? The scholars do not know; yet, when she speaks, the old practitioners say, Vuali only responds in the Egyptian language.

Another mystery about Vuali is that she classically manifested as a Baboon, when conjured by the Animus cultists, who had bound her into the form of an Incubus, which be their brazen vessel preference to be upended by.

Although the Witches like to be ridden by their Incubi Angels, Demons, God and Devil too, which are aspects of their deified Animus, whose Viral Meme egregores have since been transformed into Aliens by the neo-Gnostic New-Agers.

She only changed into her true Anima form when she was eventually released from the Animus fixation of the monotheistic minion’s.

Hence for Donohoo, she showed herself as she really looks like. She, like the other released Great Old Ones of the Necronomicon, is a salacious Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima.

Known by other names, including Uvalli and Vovali, this Succubus is said to procure the love of a woman, should the woman’s inner self-image be that of a Babalon High Priestess, whose corresponding Animus projection upon a man, will be that of a sought for Great Beast Pharaoh.

Such a woman will become attracted to the practitioner who summons the Anima archetype of Vuali. But only when he assumes the corresponding inner self-image of a Pharaoh, who seeks a High Priestess. Said High Priestess will be met via a macrocosmic synchronicty, Vuali, will lucid dream manifest of a microcosmic wish. She also induces friendship between foes.

Perhaps she will soon work her Genie magic over the blood drenched Middle East of a so called holy land, where the Ill-uminati cultists of the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil perpetually sacrifice many an innocent lamb to their Oily ‘three faced’ Petrodollar deity of UR.

The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)



  1. Yes, This does work sometimes, but it does not work every night, being very lonely all the time would help as emotion can drive the process

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Loneliness is indeed a potent emotional energy, but it is usually tied up with a negative self image, which is essentially needy and can lead to addictive morose states of being. A lonely individual, at a deeper level would see himself/herself as being unwanted or rejected; wherefore, the dream will reflect back their self-image. Hence, an indulgence in loneliness will block what a lonely individual desires to experience of a connection with another.

      The dream material will just validate a lonely existence. If however, the individual has a realisation, and like a child, plays the childhood game of imagining invisible friends, whom represent a possibility; the intense daydreaming ritual of ‘active-imagination’ will lead to seeing himself/herself differently. What is focused upon of an active-imagination exercise, will then be implanted into the dream. The dream will then reflect back what the individual desires to experience, where said imagined invisible friends become real within the dream.

      The emotional intensity of the dream, will then re-imprint the individual’s nervous system with a new experience; the nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event; more so, concerning an intense ‘microcosmic’ lucid dream. The individual will then observe concordant ‘macrocosmic’ synchronicities, which will lead to him/her being in the company of others. One of the primary reasons that a magician sees himself as King Solomon, when conducting a Ritual Magic conjuration is to reformulate his inner self-image.

      You do not focus upon the desire, you otherwise focus upon yourself in relation to your desire. The shaman excites his emotions into a state of ecstasy, in order to empower an assumed self-image of an alternate guise, which then determines what he desires to access within his trance and thereby his dreams, of information to remote-view, or that of attaining other abilities etc. But such requires the shaman believing that he can assume other guises. This may require the shaman engaging himself in self-analysis in order to ‘dismember’ his old self image.

      As mentioned prior, the dream reflects back your self-image. The power of the dream is seen to be feminine in many shamanic cultures; wherefore, in Tibetan Buddhism for example, you have the practitioner assuming the alternate guise of a Buddha whom is empowered by a corresponding (dream-power) Dakini. A Buddhist wouldn’t be practicing this art because he is seeking to offset his loneliness; it would be more of a case of attaining spiritual enlightenment.

      Although of an initial phase he may have been led to the practice because he was seeking to heal his loneliness. One of the constant themes of Succubus visitations is usually that of some kind of initial relationship issue, which leads to an individual internalising his desire. As for the emotional states of a practitioner, they tend to fluctuate in accordance with the circadian rhythms; so, self observance in this regard is beneficial to note down, when to best practice certain techniques of trance ingress and dreaming.

      It only appears to not work every night, because you have emotional dips and peaks around the clock of the Moon phases. When there is a dip, you work upon building up your emotional intensity, which then leads to the emotional peak of a dream. Whereby, when it appears that it is not working, of a dip, it is actually working; it is when you work upon charging your emotional state, in order to internalise it of a conceptualised self-image, which is coupled with a corresponding (dream-power/Dakini/Genie) Succubus.

      • FAUSTUS CROW, thank you for the response it was more than I had expected or hoped. You use many words. I see that you do know what you are talking about! My point was that as a laser engineer my mind is very structure. My emotional focus is almost a flat line. I have had several female visitors and their immediate families in my dreams and I have asked them many direct pointed questions. I most often get a blank response, but not recently. It’s like a trade secret that know-one in the spirit dream is suppose to talk about openly. I have started to demand nicely and insist on answers and recently I have been given direct answers to my questions. Unfortunately, every time one question is answered, days go by, before they appear to answer another question in a dream. Obviously I would engage them intimately but the dream connection is made short each time I try to get intimate – not always, but usually. I have seen a few hours of complete time with spirit friends and Succubi family.


      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        There is a balance between the microcosmic realms of the dream and the macrocosmic reality of waking reality, like that of Yin and Yang; too much Yin, can lead to morose states of being; while too much Yang can lead to a sense of a meaningless existence. The information related within microcosmic dreams tends to be in the main highly symbolic; although direct answers can be gleaned at times, which is then further answered of macrocosmic ‘synchronicities,’ when observed.

        Wherefore you then have a balance. There seems to be rule involved in the process, which requires the practitioner to have a balance between the two spheres of the microcosm and macrocosm, which is symbolised as the Vesica Pisces and that of the Lemniscate. So, when no further answers can be obtained from the inner realms of the microcosm, it is because, the furtherance of the communicated information is going to manifest as a macrocosmic synchronicity of an answer.

        A time ago when as a youth I assumed an alternate guise within the dream in order to internalise my emotional intensity, to thereby obtain information about a certain matter. The encountered Succubae avoided answering me at first; but I pushed the issue. I did not expect the information the Succubae imparted, which was of a highly mathematical nature, sung as a kind of rhyming chant. I could not quite grasp what they were communicating, so, I asked them to communicate the information more directly; whereupon I was told it was all to do with, cybernetics.

        At the time, I did not consciously recollect encountering the word; although I could have read it somewhere, to forget. I had to find a dictionary to check out the meaning of the word. However, this was some time ago, most dictionaries did not list the word at all.

        I was then led by a synchronicity to a second hand bookshop, where I discovered a book entitled: Psycho-Cybernetics, which was most illuminating. A time later, the film entitled, The Thirteenth Floor came out followed by the first Matrix film, both of which summed up my previous encounter with the Succubae. Since then, the physicist James Gates has discovered computer code embedded in superstring theory along with other physicists who are seriously investigating the possibility that we are existing within a simulation, which of course is all about cybernetics.

        I later found out that the author Philip K. Dick said that our experiential reality is a computer simulation back in the 70’s, who also indicated of a most astute and intuitive insight that, synchronicities are like computer glitches, which are an indication that we are existing in a simulation. Most people laughed at him at the time, which is rather odd, since the ancient shamans have been saying the same thing throughout human history, such as the Aborignal Australian’s who speak of the Dreamtime, the Hindu’s term as Maya.

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