Through the Nierika of inner portal the dreamer to go, between waking and sleeping; over the mother waters of blood ocean, under Moon; the Wolf to Howl amidst the snows.


Becoming hence as a black scaled Serpent shedding skins, into other worlds to slide golden.

The White man has forgotten much, as the blinded; while Sorcerers are singular of amber eye Dragon.




What the White man has forgotten makes him as the hollow chasing his own tail of a tale; while we watch his Circus that be as his unknowing Asylum between Life and Death, Alpha and Omega, 0 and 1.

We observe you from that place of superimposition, where the snake head eats its own tail; for it is there that we ride the Inorganic Feminine Intelligence of the Allies as our Night-Mares, from world to world.

We were once Human. Now we are More Human, Than Human.

The Allies enable a Sorcerer to truly know of Terrors and Wonders, far beyond the ken of those that be blinded by the blind.



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