The Succubus Agares, otherwise known as Agaresis is not only associated with just earthquakes, the remote viewer Aaron C. Donohoo related, he sensed that this particular Goetian Succubus is also about to pop the top off the largest volcano in the solar system.


And it is going to happen very soon; although, Donohoo felt that Agaresi could be otherwise referring to a secret, which is going to be revealed; then again, perhaps it has already happened, but nobody sees it of a terrifying truth.

goetia_girls_agares_schoolgirl_tank_ girl_rusalka_succubus_of_faustus_crow

Agaresi didn’t appear to Donohoo like she apparently did to the old patriarchal magicians. Those guys, were into conjuring up phallic Angels and Demons, all as ‘Animus’ fluctuation Incubi, who far preferred to bind Agaresi into the form of a withered old man, with a bird perched on his wrist, riding a slippery crocodile.

Or else he was an old man, looking like a withered Aleister Crowley riding a giant tortoise with a sparrow hawk, or a goshawk upon the old fellow’s limp wrist.


The symbolism tended to change down the ages, yet continuous of a fixation upon the ‘Animus’ of an all male constant.

What Donohoo saw was Agaesi manifesting as a beautiful Russian woman, like that of a most seductive Rusalka, riding a T-34 tank with the number 303 on its turret, which seemed to refer to the 33rd Runic degree of Freemasonry.


She was also holding onto a goshawk, which then shape-shifted into a spacecraft. The spacecraft appeared to look like the failed Russian Phobos Grunt.

Then, for a fleeting moment he saw three soaring ships, which were not of this time period, but from the future or even out of the far distant past, perhaps both, simultaneous; circling the top of a very high mountain.


The mountain turned out to be Olympus Mons, on Mars, at a height of 25km, it is the largest volcano in the Solar System and is nearly three times as tall as Mount Everest.


It is thought that one of the reasons that Olympus Mons and the other volcanoes on Mars are large is that the Red Planet’s crust doesn’t move like the Earth’s of Martian-quakes.

These ships contain the pith of the Goetian Succubus Agaresi. Whether she is the leader of a band of Rusalka space pilots, or her spirit in some way comprises all three vessels, is not clear.


What was clear to Donohoo is that Agaresi is going to soon be ‘doing her ‘Anima’ thing;’ but then, she may have already done so by making the Phobos Grunt fall out of the menstrual blood sky. However, the Earth is going to start Pussy Riot rocking and rolling, especially around Siberia, which is somehow connected to Mars.

Collin de Plancie in his Dictionnaire Succubus Infernalis wrote that Agaresi; “can exalt her master to become as a Genghis Khan, teach all those languages of silk road unto the steppe, and make the Abassy dance over the Siberian tundra.”


Johann Weird wrote that this Succubus, “fetcheth backe all such as runne awaie, and maketh them runne that stand still; she overthroweth all dignities and maketh earthquakes,” which appears to indicate that Agaresi is associated with a time travel technology as well as with a weapon of some kind.


As with the other Succubae, Agaresi has assumed many other names during the thousands of years of her seventh dimensional visitations. They include: Agauresa, Amayamona, Barmiela, Carnifiela, Daresieli, Dardariela, Tamiela; as well as, Queen of the East and Grand Duchess of the Eastern Hell. Wherefore she is associated with the symbol of the red star, the ancient Chinese and Mongols had prior called the fire star, which refers to the planet Mars.

Donohoo suspects that she is intending to start things shaking in regards to a monolith being discovered on Phobos. In Classical Greek mythology, Phobos is a personification of the enveloping fear brought on by the terrors war, which may be referring to an ancient memory of a solar-system wide conflict that devastated Mars, when the Earth was still young. Whereupon some believe that Phobos is an artificial moon, like the Death Star out of the Star Wars myth of ‘fallen rebels.’ Hence those fallen, to Earth, who had fought alongside Princess Diana-Lucifera, are our… ancestors. In other words, Mars is a… graveyard… from where humanity fell.


Agaresi, the second Succubus named in the Goetia; she is a Duchess who controls 31 legions of Siberian Tank Girl Rusalka.

The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)


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