Belphegor is a Daemon girl who enables a sorcerer to make many a discovery, like that of an inspired electric Eel of a Nikola Tesla having visions.


She also seduces a sorcerer via his dreams by suggesting to him surrealistic creations, as his most wanton Art Muse.


The patriarchal death metal cultists of the Abrahamic playgirl grimoires miss out on all the fun, who are somewhat unaware that behind the ghost mask of Belphegor, she is a Parisian Succubus.


And a very rebellious poltergeist she is too, whose Genie Bottle abode is the Louvre.


But then, what do you expect of the death metal OTO priests, who are far more into conjuring up Incubi Angels and Demons dancing around their phallic God and Devil.

The Belphegor book explores the historical background and symbolism associated with this Succubus, and how she can be conjured amidst the Triangle-Of-Art Imagination of a sorcerer, which leads to her Tulpa manifestion within a Magic Circle lucid dream; to take much further of erotic sexagram exploration.


Should you ever meet up with a crazy French lady upon a Succubus synchronicity, said woman may claim that she is the Tulku incarnation of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Ahathoor, who has been conjured into flesh, via the mass mind focus upon a mummified Belphegor, haunting the Louvre…

Boris Karloff and Zita Johann in 'The Mummy'

Don’t worry about it; just whimsically say that you are a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, who has been hunting her down through the aeons to possess. So, you always knew where she came from, to reawaken out of her fleshly sarcophagus.


Then invite her back to your Arkham asylum Art studio, and everything will be okay, of an Ouroboros soul-mate dance; for it takes two to trance tango naked through the Sirian stargate!


But, if you get on the wrong side of Ahathoor, you will soon find that she has very sharp, feline claws.


Although, Belphegor to purr as a playful remote viewing Kitten, when she laps up her master’s cream, since AHA-thoor has a spirit bondage liking for an older sorcerer with a Crow-Ley wizard beard, who desires to paint her portrait, via which she becomes Louvre immortal.

The book, Belphegor Demon Girl: Succubus Of The Louvre, can be obtained via Amazon. Click Here. 




    This is an answer to Prachoda.

    Belphegor is very much a French Succubus, who has become immortalised in books, a Tv series, film and comics, let alone Vogue, in France, of a mass-mind focus, spinning her sensual Tulpa.

    She was even featured for a time in DC comics, who has a connection with the Musée du Louvre.

    Hence, she can be conjured amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination as an inspiring Art Muse.

    She will then lead you through her yoni stargate, into the temple of the Musée du Louvre, within a lucid dream.

    Belphegor has an association with ancient Egypt, whose culture the French are enamoured with, whereupon you have the Louvre… Pyramid.

    Belphegor’s sigil/seal is derived from the blueprint of the Musée du Louvre, of a one time palace, which is in turn based upon the Edfu temple of ancient Egypt’s Isis child of a… Horus.

    Upon what the Louvre was originally built, is of course debatable; but it was very likely a pagan site, of a possible ancient temple.

    You also have many a Neolithic Ley line pointing at its locale of a Hawk.

    Said Hawk was not just any raptor, but that of a Hawk specifically flown by a (Belphegor) lady’s hand, known as a… Merlin… who knows about her Ouroboros stargate, ringed by standing stones, under the star clock of Zodiac ages.

    Hence, Belphegor alludes to Morgana la Fay, of Da’at Avalon isle (Lin/Din/Dun) hill/Tor/Cosmic-Mountain/Pyramid, amidst (Mer/Myr/Mar) waters, who to watch over a ‘Bearded’ Wizard.

    Art is Sorcery, Sorcery is Art, both indivisible of shamanic practice, she to inspire as a dream Muse.

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