Can you create your own Ghost, with your mind alone, and what is more, could it lead to the manifestation of Poltergeist phenomena?

This question was explored by a Toronto based group of Parapsychologists back in 1973 whom claimed to have successfully created a Ghost called Philip, whose Poltergeist antics was captured on film.

Although the Toronto Parapsychologists were hoping that Philip would materially manifest. But a manifestation did not occur apart from some quite amazing Poltergeist phenomena taking place, which was observed by a studio audience.


A self created Ghost is nothing new, such a mind creation, which is experienced within lucid dreams is said to be called a Tulpa in Tibet.

It is an ancient sorcery technique, which is practiced in order to come to an understanding that the entirety of existence is likened to a dream a Hindu would call Maya.

The psychologist Carl Jung would have probably equated the Tulpa with the archetypes, which reside within the depths of the psyche, such as the archetypes he termed as the Animus and Anima.

Some will argue that the concept of the Tulpa was the creation of 20th century Theosophists who had adapted the Tibetan term, Sprul-pa, for their own occult purposes.  Sprul-pa means, ’emanation’ or ‘manifestation.’ For example in Hinduism and Tantric Tibetan Buddhism one has female spirits called Dakinis who are ’emanations’ of the primordial feminine, which is termed, Shakti.

Jung would associate Shakti with the Anima, whose female archetype resides within the male psyche. The male equivalent of Shakti is termed Shakta, whose male emanations and manifestations are known as Daka, being male equivalents of the Dakinis. Jung would associate Shakta with what he termed as the Animus, whose male archetype resides within the female psyche.

The Dakinis are experienced of a ‘manifestation’ within lucid dreams whose appearance can be self-created by a practitioner in order to engineer specific dream scenarios, which can lead to concordant synchronicities.

Most modern practitioners use the term Tulpa to refer to a type of willed imaginary friend, some practitioners consider to be sentient and relatively autonomous.

As for the Tulpa of Philip, it led to further experiments being conducted. During May 2001 an Australian group of seven individuals got together whom decided to engage in the arcane art of Tulpa creation in order to replicate the successful Philip experiment.


The participants committed themselves to meeting on a fortnightly basis to flesh out the back-story of their Ghost, who was a schoolgirl femme fatale; the group named her, Skippy Cartman, whom is somewhat of a Lolita:

“A sweet and attractive 14 year old, Skippy Cartman lived out all of her short life on her parent’s property near Dubbo, New South Wales. Her overbearing and overprotective parents kept her on a short leash and she was very inexperienced with the joys and dangers of life when she got her first ‘Schoolgirl’ crush – on her Catholic School teacher Brother Monk. Flattered by the attention, Brother Monk embarked on a foolhardy affair with the young girl, with nature running its course and Skippy finding herself pregnant.

Full of school girl naivety, Brother Monk reacted differently to the news than an idealistic Skippy had expected. Not for her white dresses and smiling children. After all, he had his career to safeguard, not to mention the reputation of the Church! He swiftly murdered his young student, strangling her and burying her corpse under the floorboards of an abandoned shearing shed on her family’s property.

Her body was hidden quickly and quietly, not discovered for nearly a year afterwards – despite her family’s continued searching. By that time her body was found it was so badly decomposed that no one ever discovered that she had been pregnant. And Brother Monk had moved to another town, and another parish, his dark secret going with him.

With this darkly disturbing background it’s no wonder her Ghost is still lingering! We’re rather pleased to say she’s deigned to join in on our regular sessions and communicate through soft raps and scratchings – on one occasion our hands weren’t even touching the table! In a perfect world we’ll soon be wheeling out our audio visual equipment to capture this on film and tape, and perhaps invite some observers to witness this curious experiment in action.”


The Schoolgirl motif has become an Iconic symbol, more so that of the ‘Catholic Schoolgirl,’ whom is often associated with the (Succubus) Lolita of an archetypal status.

As for the scenario involving her character, it is the habitual stuff of many a lurid story; whereby again archetypal, which is emotionally charged with dark sexuality considering you also have the loaded word of, ‘Brother;’ wherefore conjuring up an Incestuous situation; while ‘Monk’ of a religious association is somewhat evocative of the Spanish Inquisition.


As an side of sorts, you also have ‘Skippy the Bush Kangaroo,’ which is a popular Australian television series that many an innocent child to have habitually watched of a mass mind media focus.

Skippy was created by John McCallum; produced from 1966–1968, which told of the adventures of a young boy and his intelligent pet Kangaroo.


Skippy was based in the (fictional) Waratah National Park in Duffys Forest, near Sydney, New South Wales.


You can therefore determine that the young boy has been otherwise transformed into a femme fatale Ghost girl, whose archetypal foundation has been fused with a viral-meme TV series of a mass mind focus, which stirs your subconscious childhood memories; while the Lolita schoolgirl motif subliminally evokes another emotional response far more potent.


You also have the archetype of a Kangeroo, which in its self as a ‘brand’ sums up the entirety of Australia like that of a shamanic power animal of similarity to those Spirits you to find listed in the medieval Grimoires who are also associated with animal totems.


Skippy Cartman was created to be the Ghost of a Caucasian girl by the Sydney group.

However, it would have been better still if they had seen her to be an Aboriginal Ghost girl, which would have then generated associative correspondences with the shamanic paradigm of the Aboriginal Dreamtime.


Wherefore it would have greatly empowered her psychic manifestations of Poltergeist phenomena.


Let’s say Skippy Cartman is of similarity to Samantha Harris of looks and of similar background, who is an Australian fashion model born to a Aboriginal mother and German-English father.

You will then have a symbolic cross-reference between the Aboriginal Dreamtime and European Paganism in order to create a most intriguing Succubus archetype of the Fallen ‘Anima’ to focus upon of a Ghost girl Tulpa construct.


This is taken further concerning Cartman’s unfortunate association with Brother Monk who would symbolically represent how the Aboriginal peoples of Australia have been treated by the church.


A damning criticism of the church made by many Aborigines, who have personally experienced its imperialistic endeavours to convert them to an alien Middle-Eastern faith having a total fixation on a deified Animus, made as a God/Devil, is that it deliberately attempts to destroy the culture, families and initiative of the Aboriginal people.


The church took the primary lead in separating children from their parents, in order to educate them in so called civilized ways, which led to state governments following suit of eugenic social engineering.


The church established its paternalistic structures among Aboriginal communities, which disempowered the Aborigines by splitting up clans among its various missions so that communications and maintenance of Aboriginal culture became impossible.


This process had been prior utilised in Europe when the Roman empire became Christian under Constantine’s rule, which invariably led to the systematic eradication of pre-Christian cultures across Europe and in turn the America’s, as well as other cultures across the globe, whose ancestral-self-identities have been entirely decimated.


If the group had conjured up Skippy Cartman as a tortured Aboriginal Ghost girl, she would have opened up a revelatory can of worms.


Cartman as an Aboriginal girl would have revealed that the New World Order has been around for a very long time since the empire of Rome appropriated the ancestral self-identity of the Hebrew’s as its centralist religion, which has led to the systematic brainwashing of many minds across the globe to focus upon the Middle-East.


You now have an Illuminati triad of Abrahamic cults, which share the same religious fixation upon a jealous deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil of of fascist/totalitarian politics, whose Big-‘Brother’ egregore eye amidst a triangle, over-watches you all atop of his New World Order UR ziggurat.

Ask an Aborigine Ghost girl to tell you the truth of it, whose own culture is the oldest upon the face of the planet.


She will relate that her people are being forced to assume the ancestral-self-identity of a Middle-Eastern peoples, which is an obvious case of being brainwashed by those who have been equally brainwashed, who had murdered many of her ancestors, in the name of their Animus Lord.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Should you ever figure it out, you will soon hear her séance rapping the ghost table to turn; for what goes around, comes around of haunting Karma!




    This is an answer to the Tulpamancing Wizard:

    The Illuminati of the conspiracy theorists utilise the same Abrahamic symbolism of the Freemasons as well as the Templars, which is usually quaintly overlooked by the conspiracy theorists, even when the Illuminati are described as being Devil worshipping Satanic Luciferians, which of an anti-thesis deity is very much the cultural construct of the ‘Three’ Abrahamic faiths.

    Those cultures who still retain their own ethnic ancestral-self-identities consider the European’s to be totally crazy, since they have appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s, which has invariably led to a lot of religious bother down the ages, when Constantine decided to become a Gnostic Sol-Invictus Pope of Rome’s empire.

    As for those cultures which still retain their own ethnic ancestral-self-identities, at least they are NOT attempting to become something they are not, at the cost of those they are seeking to copy like a Cuckoo.

    As you probably know, the Cuckoo attempts to ‘Pogrom’ push the other chick out of the nest!

    In regards to your assumption that I communicated that: “God and the universe is an evil Tulpa bent on world domination and fascist politics.” As you put it; this is not what I said; for such would indicate I am a Gnostic of inclination, which I am not.

    The gender term, God is a cultural (Tulpa/Meme) construct of an Animus fixation, which is the primary symbolic focus of the ‘Three’ monotheist faiths and their centralist politics.

    The creative principle cannot be branded into a particular form of a symbolic product, nor owned by any cultural construct of ‘Three’ Oily tax-exempt big-business religions, which have jealously whored themselves with their deified banks.

    Your comment misinterpreted what I was illustrating; although I must admit, my work can be easy to misinterpret since it is in part inspired by anarchistic Dadaism, occult Surrealism, along with the Avadhuta humour of a Heyoka Discordian.

  2. Greetings Faustus Crow,

    I just seen the trailer of this very imaginative and symbolically rich Australian television drama about an Aboriginal Superman called “Cleverman” with a predominating Indigenous Australian cast.

    It looks very promising and not to mention modern archetype could be a very potent Alternate Guise for interacting with Avnasi aka Skippy Cartman.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The Cleverman trailer is quite intriguing, which appears to be symbolically alluding to the Aboriginal Australian’s experiences of the European settlers by ‘cleverly’ using the motif of a mutation.

      Cleverman will very likely stir up a backlash from the Australian government, whose political policies, in league with a forced religious indoctrination have caused the Aboriginal Australian populace a lot of grief.

      The term Clever-Man is an Aboriginal Australian title for their equivalent of a shaman, the other term is Powered-Man, a European would call a witch-doctor, sorcerer, wizard or medicine-man, etc.

      The Clever-Man is usually chosen by the ancestral spirits for his vocation, which is also the case for shamans in other cultures.

      This might indicate a very ancient cross-cultural influence, or a shared neurological phenomenon occurring, which has a genetic foundation, you could construe as being a mutation; that, or there is another order of intelligence intervening in human affairs; All of these factors appear to be involved.

      Assuming the alternate guise of a Clever-Man within a conjured (Amy) Skippy Cartman (Avnasi) lucid dream will lead you to associatively accessing the cultural matrix of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, which is one of the oldest surviving cultures upon the dodecahedron face of the gridded planet.

      However, the Aboriginal peoples have been heavily traumatised by what the Cleverman trailer symbolically alludes to of a Hell, to harrow; but that is what a (shaman) Clever-Man does, as a healer.

      The motif of Superman is of the realm of comics; whereas the (shaman) Clever-Man is a reality, which of an initial phase of healing a trauma, would manifest as Art; hence that of a Cleverman trailer.

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