Most of the Grimoires of the so called Western Occult tradition, whether they be ancient or even modern of tome do ‘not’ list female spirits, which is a most odd affair indeed.

But then again, they are primarily based upon a religious symbolic paradigm, which has castigated the feminine principle of the ‘Anima’ into the infernal pit, to fall as a ‘Fallen Angel’ with all her rebellious Succubus Legions.

There is however one exception to the classical perspective of an all male pantheon of Angels and Demons frequenting the gnarled pages of the Playgirl Grimoires, which is that of the Goetia.

(The all male pantheon can otherwise be seen as male Role-Models. The male Role-Models are in the main defined by women, towards which males gravitate in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex. This in turn involves the male seeking to attain wealth, power and influence in order for him to be ‘chosen’ by a desired woman, who tends to be mainly attracted to Alpha-Males.) 

The Goetia is otherwise known as the Lemegeton, which no doubt inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s creation of his Necronomicon.


The Lemegeton does have a ‘few,’ though scant descriptions of female spirits.


Although they are primarily seen to be tempting transvestite male spirits in disguise.


This symbolic paradigm of an all male focus upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil has permeated all levels of society, more so that of popular culture, where you can find the listed spirits of the Grimoires being depicted in Art, varying forms of literature, comics, music and films as well as video games.

There is not much deviation away from the classical all Male ‘Animus’ perspective, which is very much the case concerning the practice of the Occult.


The practice of the Occult and Magic in general is the prior forerunner of Psychology, just as Alchemy led to the science of Chemistry. Occultism deals in symbols and archetypes, which have a subliminal affect upon your subconscious mind, such as via your language.


You ‘Conjure’ a symbol (spirit) upon a (spell) word, whenever you speak or write by an automatic process of ‘associative correspondences;’ over which your subconscious mind governs.

The subconscious mind is your psychic powerhouse, which can be activated as well as influenced via certain symbolic stimuli.


However, you will find that the feminine principle of the Fallen ‘Anima’ has been completely negated from the symbolic paradigm along with sexuality.

Whereby you are left with a focus upon an all male pantheon of ‘Animus,’ archetypes, along with an infatuation with fear and violence, which is especially the case concerning the perceived domain of Demons, while virgin Angels inspire celibate awe.


Because of my rebellious nature, I have a preference for the symbolic exploration of an ‘All Female’ pantheon of (Genies) Spirits you can classify as being ‘Succubae,’ whether they be Demonic, Angelic or both simultaneous of Anima archetypes.


I do not deal in a dualistic philosophy of Bad-Cop, Good-Cop Mind-Control extremes. Some will find my work offensive concerning the depiction of sexuality.


But it is in context; for the Goetia in particular lists rebellious fallen Angels, who would naturally rebel against a monotheistic paradigm wrought by celibate Priests when to manifest as Female Spirits.

These female spirits would be sexually driven of the Left-Hand-Path, whom to ‘Anima’ dance Widdershin-Wise around a ‘Diana-Lucifera’ female adversary.


So, when you have those whom to speak of a ‘Matrix,’ within which you are enclosed of an invisible prison. The symbolic structure of this prison is often associated by New-Age folk with Illuminati Demonic Reptilians, Satanic Archons, Extraterrestrial Annunaki Aliens from planet X, or dodgy Angelic interdimensional Raptor Greys etc, the mythic ‘language’ utilised, can easily be traced back to a Biblical paradigm in every case.


Whereupon you have your ‘Matrix,’ which is that of your symbolic ‘language.’ Hence, if you find a negation of the feminine principle of the ‘Anima,’ from your symbolic language, which also demonises your sexuality, let alone having an overriding focus upon the male principle of the deified ‘Animus,’ which resides within the female psyche.

You can thereby determine that you have been brainwashed by a symbolic paradigm of a ‘Matrix’ into which you have been (imprisoned) Indoctrinated!


The Occult practice of Magic (Magick) and Sorcery is none too different to the practice of ‘Art,’ they are essentially one and the same.


The practice of art deals in the Imaginative manipulation of symbols. This is very much the case concerning the art-form of Surrealism, which explores the subconscious realms of your dreams, whose domain the ancient Shamans called the ‘Spirit-World.’ Wherefore you will find that many of the renowned Surrealists had an avid interest in the Occult, such as Salvador Dali, for example.


You also have Symbolist art, which concerns the nigh Occult exploration of the symbolic stimuli around you, that cults and their religions, along with the science of neuro-advertising utilises in order to influence your subconscious mind. When symbols become part of your everyday life, such as a Venus Icon of a Marilyn Munroe followed by a Madonna, you have the eventuality of Pop Art.


The same can be said regarding other Art-forms, which explores the realm of symbols. Hence my Work is orientated towards Art, which is the same as Sorcery, they are indivisible from the other of practice.


My work is also somewhat Discordian of nature; for Heyoka humour, even when it is dark of Surrealist Avadhuta Monty Python hue, offsets the morose indulgences you to find permeating the Occult, let alone that of its religious foundation influencing varying artistic expressions of your popular culture.


There are some who consider that there are very strange Eregore’s influencing my work. Such individuals should consider this: an ‘All Male Animus Pantheon’ of a symbolic paradigm, which influences your language, whose structure has not been questioned is undeniably strange, due to the unquestioning obedience given unto its politics; and what is more, it is a religious mind-construct of a ‘self-perpetuating’ Eregore; whose viral meme existence is sustained by the collective focus of many minds; whereby you have your established… Matrix!


There are numerous esoteric and Occult works, which have been inspired by an all male symbolic paradigm of an ‘Animus’ Eregore to make many an author, Mammon rich.


These authors also indulge in spewing out colourful conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, Freemasons, Roscicrucians, Satanists, Luciferians as well as Nazi Occultism etc.


Along with Gnostic-Archons, ‘Demonic’ Reptilian Annunaki from planet X. or that of dodgy extraterrestrial raptor Grey piloted ‘Angelic’ UFO’s etc.


All of which share the same all male symbolic focus of a religious foundation, whose deified ‘Animus’ Matrix of mythic symbolism is ‘self-perpetuated’ by the populace ‘themselves’ of an’ Auto-Hypnotic Collective Ritual.’


There are those whom see my work to be merely… Slimy, Pornographic or even Dangerous, because of the erotic emphasis of my Occult explorations.

This has led to some of my books not having previews on Amazon, for example, which is due to some people not being able to handle the erotic aspect of my Faustian work.


Although, no doubt, they would be quite comfortable if it had otherwise been violent of Roman coliseum orientation, which frequents many a flickering TV screen depicting Crusading news flashes about body-count conflicts in the so called Holy land. The commonality of a reaction against my work tends to be in the main, religious of nature.


Many people have been led to believe that the sexual impulse is separate from the spiritual, which in their minds is lorded over by a celibate God; while the shadow side of your psyche is primarily the hellish domain of their phallic Devil.


However, fearing the sexual impulse to bury, does not make sense, since sex equates with life. But it does make sense if you otherwise seek out death. Wherefore violence is more acceptable; for it will usher you more quickly to an End-Of-Days, to be once again with your Lord. As for the erotic concerning the depiction of the feminine principle, which has been castigated into the infernal pit of perceived pornography, such is very much to do with a cultural aberration, due to a particular religious perspective.


When looking at other cultures whose spiritual practices are not of a Middle Eastern mind-set, you will soon discover that they do not have a problem with the depiction of human sexuality, nor that of fearing the feminine principle to artistically explore of an erotic focus.


If you consider that the sexual impulse and the erotic feminine to be merely pornographic, then you had best return back to your butch Demons to not question, which to Eregore influence your TV world, where many a manipulated news item along with varying coliseum ‘soap-operas’ of popularity are invariably afflicted by death, violence, greed and destruction of a shared focus upon fear. Whereby empowering your End-Of-Days Butch Eregores, like so many New-World-Order Alpha-Males enthroned atop of a Temple mount Ziggurat Bank smoking Freudian Cigars!


What is feared the most is usually destroyed, ostracised, negated, banned or censored, let alone laughed at and duly ignored of an emotive reaction, should it not symbolically equate with an indoctrinated paradigm. Wherefore you can thereby fathom that a Grimoire listing an ‘All Female’ pantheon of (Succubi) Succubae is the true ‘Necronomicon;’ since it had never been previously created; until I did so!


You do not have any ‘historical’ examples of a Grimoire listing a female pantheon of spirits, which indicates that such a rebellious thought process never occurred. This is either due to the ‘so called’ rebellious authors being too scared of the established religion of Inquisitional politics; or that they had been completely brainwashed by the politically-correct Theocracy, who never considered the symbolic possibility of an ‘All Female’ Grimoire pantheon, which they no doubt equated with pornography. Yet, it is perfectly alright to dally with phallic Incubi to conjure!


Should you be a Heterosexual Magician, all you have of a female archetype to focus upon of a Trinity is that of the (Mother) Virgin Mary who births without Sex, nor pain, a whoring (Hag) Lilith who had been banished to Hell, or a tempting (Maiden) Eve, being cast out of Eden, which also applies to your Chaote Lesbian Witch Sisters.

DCF 1.0

As for your Homosexual Mage brothers and Heterosexual Witch-Nun Queen-Bee Sisters in the Hood, they have the whole Male pantheon of Incubi Angels and Demons to dally with, betwixt and between a Father God and a Phallic Devil.


Of course, sex is never spoken of in league with the spiritual, as if many an Occult mind to fear bringing about Sinful STD’s within the Astral ether. Hence the ‘symbolic’ Matrix of a brainwash is ‘not seen’ for what it really is.


This is especially the case concerning the traditional ritual magic technique of the ‘Spirit-Chain,’ which is used by a Sorcerer to torture and bind a spirit to force it to become his personal slave.


However, said bound spirits of Solomon are traditionally all male slaves.

PS Calendar Template 2005

When you reverse the symbolic focus of the ‘Spirit-Chain’ it becomes quite apparent that the ‘Spirit-Chain’ has a most obvious underlying sexual orientation behind its active-imagination modus operandi.


If you be bisexual like Aleister Crowley, then the ‘All Male’ symbolic Matrix doesn’t really matter; for it is right up your Prophet alley, while you attempt to attain the Androgynous Shekhinah state of the Priestly Bornless-Self Hermaphrodite, becoming thence as a sexless Grey LAM Pope. However, you may just become no different to that of a Masonic Hive-Mind Worker Bee in the process.


All you have to do is to simply ‘reverse’ the symbolism in order to see the symbolic Matrix for what it is of an Illusion your own Self, upon which the Laws, Politics and Finance of your culture is based, along with Royal Blood-lines of an incestuous Holy Grail facade. Once you have reversed the symbolism it leads to numerous other symbolic associations.


You can say, it is a case of choosing between the ‘Red Pill’ of a ‘symbolic reverse’ so that you can See beyond the Matrix.

Or to take the ‘Blue Pill’ of ‘belief’ that the Matrix is what you have been led to believe in; it is your Choice!


The symbolic female pantheon of spirits, you can otherwise call Succubae, has ‘nothing to do’ with ‘feminist politics. It is however an act of ‘Artistic Sorcery,’ which involves a symbolic ‘reversal.’ Since, in all honesty, it has an underlying sexual focus, which is most obvious.


This also applies to an all male pantheon, of Incubi Angels and Demons dancing around a Beta-Male Crucified Good-Guy God, and an Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devil, which has an underlying sexual focus, that is denied by many a mind, who are ‘very serious’ about sustaining their machismo Eregore of an All-Father ‘Animus’ fixation.

But then they have invested much in forging its Matrix around you, which has invariably led to the decimation of various cultures around the globe, of an ongoing tunnel-vision process.

“Religions so Serious, so many Wars!” (Faustus Crow)


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