The Goetia Girls Art Book is an alternate Grimoire listing the (Succubi) Succubae archetypes of the Fallen ‘Anima.’ Most Grimoires, whether ancient or modern are primarily orientated towards an all male paradigm of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as  God, as well as making out that they are rebellious Playgirl Grimoires of the Devil, listing machismo Angels and butch Demons.

I far prefer sensual female Genies, to conjure as Art Muses amidst my eroticised Triangle Of Art Imagination, since the Succubae of the Fallen ‘Anima’ have to rely upon their Tesla intellect, rather than Banker brawn.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Hence the Succubae Great Old Ones of the Fallen ‘Anima’ are far more dangerous, just like their physical counterparts, whom be very predatory of seductive wiles.

However, since said Playgirl Grimoires merely perpetuate the deified ‘Animus’ fixation of the establishment, they are hardly rebellious; in fact, such Playgirl tomes validate its symbolic paradigm.

It is somewhat intriguing that there is no historical evidence of a Playboy Grimoire listing the Succubae Great Old Ones of the Fallen ‘Anima,’ which of an artistic reversal of protest would have indicated a rebellion against the symbolic brainwash of religious indoctrination.

Alas, no such Playboy Grimoire ever existed… until now! There is also an associated deck of Tarot Cards and a Tarot Grimoire available. For more information, Click Here.  

A paperback version of the Goetia Girls: Succubus Art book, is available from Amazon. The paperback book is fully illustrated with 38 illustrations, printed on white paper, of 166 pages, with a full colour matte cover. There are two versions of the paperback book, one, printed in colour, the other printed in black and white.


Please Note, the internal style, layout and design of the paperback book and that of others to follow is very different to that of the Kindle book. The Kindle book is more comic strip orientated of graphic style, whereas the paperback book is designed along the lines of a classical grimoire. There will ‘Not’ be any Kindle versions of the Paperback books.


The above cover is for the Colour version; please Click the above image for further details.


The above cover is for the Black and White version; please Click the above image for further details. If you want to see PHOTOS of the two Paperback books, to get an idea about what they look like, please Click the animation below.


Pirate Goetia Witch Succubus Genie T-Shirt

Pirate Goetia Witch Succubus Genie T-Shirt




    This is an answer for Aaron Ericson. At a conscious level, its fun, when indulging yourself in the medieval Gothic, where Demons, Vampires and other shadow creatures lurk of an archetypal influence; but it is usually all kept at spine tingling distance.

    However, when you carry this type of a fearful focus over into the dream, you are no longer distanced from the horror, you are otherwise interacting with its three-dimensional reality; more so when you have a lucid dream.

    When you find yourself interacting with your fearful focus within a lucid dream, you might just find your conjurations of the Demonic hordes will seek to possess you; merely because you had introverted your fears into the dream; wherefore blocking yourself with your own fear.

    In other words, the symbol system of the Western tradition, whose paradigm is based upon a particular religious foundation is designed to block you from going internal due to its focus upon inducing fear.

    But, using the same logic, of emotional introversion, you can otherwise introvert your sexual focus into the dream. However, the Western tradition has negated the sexual from the spiritual equation along with the female principle, whose tradition has an overriding focus upon male symbolism.

    But should you introvert your sexual impulse into the dream, the inner interaction will be of a far different order when to reverse the symbolic focus towards the feminine. Although this will be dependent upon your sexual orientation.

    This isn’t something I have made up of a make believe methodology; It is based upon personal experience.

    I am not the only one who uses this method. You will find the same shamanic methodology being utilised for many thousands of years by the Bon tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

    The Bon practitioners conjure up (Succubae) Dakinis as their focus, with whom they interact within erotic lucid dreams of Tantric dream Yoga, in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. The technique was originally derived from ancient shamanistic practices.

    So, you may consider it ‘all to be Sexy;’ but there is a serious side concerning the practice. Although the commonality of a Western perception is that when a spiritual practice involves a sexual focus, it is not considered to be serious at all. It is verily castigated as being merely hedonic as well as pornographic by the politically-correct Enartete Kunst thought police.

    The Western tradition has a preference for being in fearful celibate awe of its ‘Animus’ fixation All-Father God or otherwise indulging in fearing Satan’s phallic gore. All of which doesn’t have much of a sense of humour either; whereby it is easy to crucify your mind to its dogma.

    Imagine for a moment sitting in front of your TV set watching the latest news from the Middle East, whose reporters report the recent war atrocities in the name of religion. You observe all the mindless slaughter. But you have your distance; while seated in your comfy chair.

    Then suddenly you doze off, to enter into a lucid dream, where you find yourself in a shallow shell hole full of blood and piss alongside the dead body of your pregnant lover, whose head has been blown off, with her rotting brains all over your face.

    What you focus upon will be reflected back at you within the dream, which is most especially the case concerning lucid dreams. Should you otherwise prefer to focus on your fearful Hell, fearing its opposite of a Heaven, go right head. But in so doing, you will be inadvertently feeding into its ongoing dogma; whose hold over the world reflects back never ending conflict since Abraham left Ur to go into Palestine. As for me, I prefer not being involved in its Karma!

  2. I need the pdf of the books where to get it?

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The books are ‘NOT Available As PDF’s!’

      As stated above, the Kindle version of the first Goetia Girls book is of a comic strip style; whereas the Paperback is more like a classical Grimoire.

      The Paperback version of the first Goetia Girls book is presently available via Createspace and Amazon.

      Book two and three of the Goetia Girls books will soon be published in Paperback.

      There will be NO Kindle versions of Two and Three of the Paperback Goetia Girls books.

      If you want further information concerning the Goetia Girls books, Please: CLICK HERE!

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